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How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Control

How to Program an RCA Universal

The average American household has up to 16 connected devices on average. Out of these devices, how many functions as entertainment systems? How many remotes do they use? Do you have separate remotes for your DVR, TV, and DVD player? Are they cluttering up your living space? If the questions above resonate with you, then you should consider getting an RCA Universal Remote to make your life easier.

One remote, depending on which one you choose, can control multiple devices and reduce the ugly pile on your coffee table.

How Can I Program the Remote Control?

Programming the remote control is simple when you know how. But nothing is more frustrating than trying to program it with no success. There are two main types of RCA remotes:

  • With a Code Search button.
  • Without a Code Search button.

The steps for both types are slightly different. Read on for more details on how to program the remote control you have.

RCA Universal Remote with a Code Search Button

The remotes with a Code Search button have one straightforward procedure to program them.

Procedure 1

The first thing you need is the device code for the device you want to program. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Check your device’s manual
  • Use the remote’s Code Finder
Program an RCA Universal Remote With a Code search
  1. Power on the device to program it to the remote.
  2. Press the Code Search button and hold it down.
  3. Keep holding down Code Search and press the button on the remote that’s labeled for the device.
  4. Wait for the remote’s light to blink once and then stay lit up.
  5. Punch in the code you found in the first step and wait for the light to switch off.
  6. Try out different functions on the remote to check if it’s working properly.

However sometimes, for a number of reason, the first set of steps may not work. If this happens to you, then you should check out the next procedure.

Procedure 2

You need Procedure #2 if you couldn’t find the right code or if it didn’t work. It uses the remote’s Code Search feature a bit differently. Here’s how you can program the remote if the first set of instructions didn’t work.

  1. Switch on your device.
  2. Press Code Search and keep it held down. Wait until the remote’s light comes on.
  3. Hold the button down and press the button for the device you want to program.
  4. Wait for the light to blink once and steady.
  5. Press the remote’s power button and send the code to your device.
  6. Repeat until the device switches off.
  7. To save the code on your device, press the enter button.
  8. Finally, test the remote to see if everything’s working properly.

If the light of the remote blinks four times, you’ve run out of codes. This means your remote probably won’t work with the device you want. Keep in mind that many universal remotes don’t have the same functions. They are also different to program than how you program a Cox remote. Incidentally, if you are looking for information on that.

RCA Universal Remote without a Code Search Button

Here’s what to do if your remote doesn’t come with a Code Search button.

  1. Switch on your device.
  2. Press the matching device button on the remote and hold it down.
  3. While keeping the device button down, press the power button and hold it down too.
  4. Wait for the power light on the remote to turn off and on.
  5. Release both buttons. The power light should stay on.
  6. Press the power button again to scan through device codes.
  7. Keep pressing the power button until your device switches off. This means you have found the correct code.
  8. Press remote’s Stop and save the device code.
  9. Check to see if the remote is working fine.

Remember, all the things that you have to do will be on the remote itself. You don’t need to touch any buttons on the devices you want to pair. Other than powering them on, of course. There’s another thing you need to remember about universal dish remotes. They don’t work as well with TV’s that have a lot of functions. And unlike Cox customer service, there’s usually no number you can call and get someone to walk you through it. Hopefully, this guide will help you program your remote easily. If you run into any snags or solve them differently, leave a comment below.

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