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What Channel is SEC Network on DIRECTV

SEC Network on DIRECTV

For some watching sports is the ultimate form of entertainment. While many of the sports fanatics are crazy about national and international sports, some are into college sports. In case, you have subscribed to AT&T plans. And have a keen interest in what is going on in the world of college sports in the South of the States, SEC is your go-to channel. From baseball to football to basketball, you will get it all on SEC. Therefore, you should opt for a plan that offers SEC Network on DIRECTV.

You won’t be disappointed with your choice.

SEC Network on DIRECTV- Your Guide to the Southern College Sports

You will love SEC Network if you are a sports fanatic. Because it is your one-stop channel for all that is happening in Southern college sports. The various sports that you will get information about include Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, and softball. The channel also features gymnastics, golf, and soccer. Not to forget volleyball. Don’t think there is any game that the channel does not cover. In case, you are wondering the schools that the channel features, then here’s a list of all the colleges that fall on the Southern side of the States:

  • The University of Alabama.
  • The University of Mississippi.
  • The University of Florida.
  • The University of Kentucky.
  • Auburn University.
  • Mississippi State University.
  • Texas A&M University.
  • The University of Arkansas.
  • The University of Georgia.
  • The University of Missouri.
  • The University of Tennessee.
  • Louisiana State University.
  • The University of South Carolina.
  • Vanderbilt University.

So, you get access to the sports scene of all the fourteen above-stated universities.

Not only will you find the SEC Network on DIRECTV, but you can also access the website. There, you will find all the detailed information. You will also get access to videos and live updates regarding the ongoing matches.

However, if you opt for the cable option, the following is the list of the states along with the channel number on which you can find SEC Network.

Channel Names Boston, Massachusetts, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dallas, Texas
SEC Network on DIRECTV 611

Other Platforms Where You Can Find SEC On

Like many other channels (ESPN, for example), SEC is not isolated to the cable TV only. You can choose to download the app for the channel that is available. Other than that, as mentioned earlier, you can also visit the website that the network has. If not, that, you can always resort to social media. The various platforms that you can access SEC Network through include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are various pages on these various platforms s well. Some of the common names that you will find it with include:

  • SEC.
  • The SEC Network.
  • SEC Fanfare.

Do not think that this is confusing. Because it is a common practice among channels or even brands to have multiple pages. For example, FX.

Coming back to SEC Network, you should know the right package for yourself if you want to opt for it. To make it easy for you, following is the list of packages on DIRECTV that offer SEC Network.

DIRECTV Packages that Offer SEC Network

To begin with, let’s have a look at all the packages that DIRECTV offer:

  • Select
  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Xtra
  • Ultimate
  • Premier

Other than the first two packages, you will get access to the SEC Network in all the other ones. This may be a concern for some. Because the last four packages come at a higher price than the first two as well. This is because SEC Network is considered to be a premium channel that the company offers on the high-end packages.

However, if you have a look at the first 3-4 packages, then you will realize that the prices do not vary with a huge margin. However, if you want to get access to channels like Freeform or AMC, then you will get it in all the six packages.

What Else does the Packages Offer?

Not only will you get access to some of the most prominent channels if you opt for DIRECTV, but also some premium ones. If you choose to opt for DIRECTV, you will get the following perks for new subscription:

  • Access to a year of HBO.
  • Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz included for the first three months.
  • The powerful HD Genie DVR

Apart from all this, you will also get great customer care reps who will solve your issues within no time. In fact, AT&T Customer Service is one of the best in the whole of States.


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 15 May-2019.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.