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What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

SEC Network on Spectrum Charter

Spectrum has so much to offer to its subscribers. Movies, TV shows, news and, of course, sports entertainment is at your service when you subscribe to cable TV. Spectrum cable bundles are a treat for all whether you love AMC or any other network like SEC network on Spectrum.

SEC Network on Spectrum – What’s in it for You?

SEC Network is a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. This American sports network is owned by ESPN Inc. This network has about 70 million subscribers; which is the highest figure for a dedicated sports network. The channel itself covers collegiate sports authorized by SEC (Southeastern Conference). It features news, analysis programs, live events, and recorded event telecasts.

It’s a 24/7 all-you-can-watch sports channel. If you have always wanted to experience what a pregame is like at an SEC school, this is it. You will catch all the details on SEC Network. Sports lovers who are into TBS will definitely enjoy streaming content on this channel.

Check the Spectrum select channel list below to find out what channel is SEC Network on your Spectrum cable depending on your state:

Channel Name Culver City, Hollywood, West LA Orlando, Florida
SEC Network 98 54

Must-Watch Shows on SEC Network

As you tune into SEC Network on Spectrum, you will see it’s oozing with live coverage of 14 major sports. There is a variety of options just like there is so much variety on HBO. One could just sit in front of the TV all day long. But there are some amazing shows on SEC Network that you wouldn’t want to miss watching. These 5 shows will have you hooked:

1. Coach vs Lawn

This program features Les Miles traveling the nation in search of a perfect blade of grass. You will find him showing up on the personal lawns of people uninvited. He will also take you on a tour to some of the famous landscapes across the country as well. He reviews each morsel of the grass to tell if it will make a good playing surface.

2. SEC People

This program is all about the Swamps hunting down the Gators. It features how the team prepares for their tracking equipment, sets their bits and traps and goes into action.

3. 2 Broke coaches

It’s a tale of 2 college ball coaches Kevin Sumlin and Hugh Freeze who are the lowest paid coaches in the SEC. The program tells how these individuals make it work on limited funds.

4. Survivor: Starkville

This is a reality show franchise. Contents from South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri are dropped inside Starkville city. The competitors must form alliances, meet their basic needs, earn rewards and come up with a way to help Mississippi state win SEC West.

5. How I Met your Linebacker

If you have watched the show How I Met Your Mother, you will get some hint on what this show is about. It sets in the year 203 A Tennessee coach named Butch Jones recounts his career. He narrates how he and the volunteers shocked the world.

Access to More than Just Sports Channels

SEC Network on Spectrum is not the only channel you get access to. Depending on the package you choose, apart from sports entertainment and Cowboys Game, you can also tune into premium channels. Starting from just $44 a month, you will get free HD and 200+ channels and free primetime on demand.

That means premium channels such as ShowTime will be at your fingertips. You will have access to all popular shows, movies, and original series.

Watch TV Wherever You Go  

With Spectrum TV App, you can watch up to 30,000 on-demand movies and shows at home on your mobile device. Other connected devices on which you can watch premium content include Samsung smart TV, Roku, and even Xbox One.

You can also download Starz or any other TV channel’s app to watch your favorites anywhere, anytime. That’s a facility every entertainment seeker has his eyes on.

Control Your TV with Spectrum on Demand

As you subscribe to spectrum Cable TV, you will get instant access to thousands of shows and movies on demand. In case you have missed out on your favorite shows on NFL, FOX, NBC or ABC, free primetime on demand has got you covered.

Wait, there’s more. As you pair your cable TV subscription with Spectrum Internet, your entire family will have enough speed and bandwidth to watch SEC Network on Spectrum.

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