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How to Set Up Wi-Fi on Satellite Internet

how to setup wifi on satellite inernet

When it comes to substantial coverage, Satellite Internet beats all others by reaching every nook and corner of the country. It facilitates you with internet connectivity where wired internet cannot. For those who have outsourced contractors and workers, or conducting businesses from remote locations, it is a great option. To enhance the satellite internet experience, you need to set up a stable Wi-Fi network.

Let’s walk you through the complete process of setting up a Wi-Fi network on your satellite internet!

What Do You Need?

  • A subscription to Satellite Internet service.
  • A satellite dish.
  • A Modem.
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • A wireless router

You don’t have to hassle yourself about getting all this stuff yourself individually. Your ISP will provide you with all these essentials. If you want to get your own router and equipment, you can.

Setting Up Wi-Fi for Your Satellite Internet

With a wireless connection, you will be able to connect many computers to your satellite internet without needing an Ethernet cable. By setting up a Wi-Fi network, you will be able to use the internet on all devices in the signal range. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on. One of the most popular providers for satellite internet is HughesNet. But this guide is applicable to all other satellite internet providers too.

Here’s how you go wireless with your satellite connection:

Choosing Your Router

As mentioned earlier, you can get your own wireless router or use the one provided by your ISP. If you are getting it yourself, you can purchase it or go to a renter. Plug it to a wall outlet and power it on. Generally, it takes a few minutes. But it depends on the specific model that you have. You can verify all the setup steps by checking the instruction manual that comes with it.

Connecting the Router and the Modem

Use Ethernet cable to connect both, router and the modem. This step is mandatory when your router and modem are separate. Satellite internet providers like Viasat Internet offer modem/router combos. You can go for them too. The combo has both devices, which are already connected as one unit.


The next step is to configure your network. Once you have powered on the combo or connected both devices, you have a working Wi-Fi network all set to use. It wouldn’t be secure because the name of the network will be very generic. You can easily change its name and add a password. If it already has a generic password, change it to something more complex and securer.

Follow these steps:

  • Access the configuration panel of your router.
  • You can consult the router manual to access the settings.
  • A series of numbers or the IP address of the router must be entered into a web browser.
  • You will find the default username and password on a sticker pasted on the router. Enter them.
  • Change the name of the network.
  • You need to change the network security to WPA- the most secure networks for consumer routers.
  • Change Wi-Fi password and create a strong one.
  • A password should be a combo of uppercase & lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Avoid using your date of birth or a pet’s name.
  • Log into your brand new wireless network.
  • Test your internet by using a phone or system and see if the web pages load.

Some Pros of Satellite Wi-Fi

When it comes to satellite Wi-Fi, the pros and cons are not much different from the other types of internet. However, satellite Wi-Fi has some advantages, which make it unique. Some of them are:

  • Move all your devices freely around your home.
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously without having to involve any cables.
  • Enjoy complete wireless-experience.

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