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Say No To Sexual Harassment at Work – Go Digital!

Looking Through the Cothes

Ever heard your friend narrating the story of her work life – boss getting comfortable! Want a cup of coffee? Dinner maybe? Hey, the dress is making you look stunning! You make a great colleague for a party! No matter what time of the day you enter his glass-room, you are his only focus – work is not even a consideration – and despite the thickness you see his eyes seeing through your loosely worn clothes. What is there to do but suffer?

Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of Dangerous Relationships and some other great ‘Relationship-Focused’ books said;

Sexual harassment is only scary until it’s not held up in the light and victims do not show up. This is exactly where the harasser discontinues his hurtful and inappropriate behavior.

Since you’re at the guiding stage, let your friend or anyone going through this know that ‘There is NO reason to suffer and suffocate yourself’.

Here’s what to do and how to free yourself from the world’s most widely practiced torture:

Saying No Doesn’t Hurt!

Understand and acknowledge yourself with your rights. Every company, whether small or big, has an employee handbook that explains the procedures which you can follow to get to the right place. Especially when you have been sexually harassed!

In case of sexual harassment, no matter it’s words or actions that are making you uncomfortable, draw yourself up and look into the eye of the harasser and say it (loud and clear):

You: “Please avoid using such words. I don’t stand such things.”

If the person continues to mock or act as if it was a joke, then say

You: “Then avoid such jokes. My humor is not low or cheap and will not tolerate from someone else either”.

Don’t ever assume that you will overreact or act harshly. Stand firmly behind your convictions.

Speak Out

Most of us find this impossible, maybe for the fear of losing the job, fear of not being heard, and ending up in being disliked. If you are constantly being mentally tortured and you are unable to work, then why care about the results of letting it out? Your relaxed mind, respect, and well-being are far more important than the liking of your boss.

Sexual Harassment Stats

Initially, you may seek the help of your co-workers, not by sharing what’s happening, but by using their presence. Your boss may ask you for a dinner – for an official cause – fine, but suggest that since it’s a perfect idea so you would invite the others as well. Such an act diffuses the chances of unwanted intimate and potentially private encounters. The company will put off the potentially sexual setting with the public nature.

Ever heard this phrase; keep the baby, throw out the bath water? Sometimes the situations become ambiguous. Your boss may want to talk about a promotion or your personal interest topic in a meeting after work. Show this discussion matters to you, but instead of dismissing the scenario, let the appropriate and important part stay. For the meeting after hours part, simple show your availability from 9:00 to 5:00 at the office. You’ll signal your concern and he will respect the preference or not, but case solved.

How to Get Your Voice Heard?

Be Diplomatic -This should be in your best interest to document, keep record, and report the incident of sexual harassment as soon as you can. If you still believe that your concern will not constitute as sexual harassment – even then report. The description of what actually happened, how and why, the proofs, and submit to higher authorities – also keep a copy for yourself.

Sexual Harassment

Avoid Official Sharing -Remember that sharing before doing will put you in worse condition. Avoid talking about the matter with colleagues (unless the friend and person is very trusted). Prepare your report, and reach out to the higher management. What worse can happen, then a ‘forced resignation‘ from your side? Even then don’t accept to resign, instead ask for termination and say it loudly.

How Can You Use Digital Media and Make Your Story Viral?

If you’re still missing on it, then first get yourself hooked to the Internet Service Provider in your area. Have the online gears ready! Now join your company’s Facebook page, or any social media forum where your company is active. If you have chats available or text messages, get all of the data ready on a word sheet to post it – when need be. Also prepare and email in advance with the available data to send it to the list of people who will notice!

Social Media & Harassment

That’s half of what you think you can do! This entire thread of proofs can be posted on the social media platforms (without using the name, and in case of forceful resignation with the name). If not you, this will at least help other girls joining this firm or other companies know exactly what to do and who to avoid and how. The point is, you cannot stay silent and suffer and such men cannot take the lead without being noticed.

You have every right to work in comfortable sexual harassment-free places. Respect yourself and your rights and use the above mentioned tactics to go by such situations.

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