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What Channel is ShowTime on Optimum?

ShowTime on Optimum

After a long day at work, there is nothing like putting your feet up on the coffee table and watching some good-quality TV. We live in what is known as the Second Golden Age of television and cinema. Original movies and TV shows come out in droves every month, spoiling us for choices. However, I always have one go-to channel to unwind with premium content i.e. Showtime on Optimum.

What Channel is Showtime on Optimum

Finding premium channels like ACCN or Showtime on Optimum can be difficult considering the huge channel lineup. In fact, the provider carries 11 Showtime channels. If you’re having trouble finding Showtime on your TV, check out the following channels:

Channel Name Channel Number
Showtime 321
Showtime 2 322
Showtime Beyond 323
Showtime Extreme 331
Showtime Family Zone 325
Showtime Next 324
Showtime Showcase 329
Showtime Women 326

These channel positions are accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of this writing. However, actual channel positions may vary based on location.

What’s To Watch On Showtime?

Showtime sometimes does not get the publicity other premium channels to get. But that does not mean it has lower-quality content. In fact, Showtime has some of the best running TV shows in the business. Here are just a few of the shows you can catch on Showtime on Optimum:


Homeland is all about deep state, intrigue, conspiracies, spies and much more. The series revolves around covert operations, the ongoing War on Terror, and the fallout from espionage and counter-espionage. The show is a must-watch for anyone who likes suspenseful, fast-paced shows.

House of Lies

House of Lies is Showtime’s cynical yet light-hearted answer to House of Cards. It features political intrigue, dark comedy, and an amazing cast. The chemistry Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz, and Don Cheadle bring to the screen is hilarious.

The Affair

The Affair follows focuses on the darker, hedonistic side of New York’s upper class. It follows a wild extra-marital affair between a writer and a waitress, both married to other people. The show manages to bring passion, anguish, and emotional turmoil to life in a bold and different manner.

What is Showtime 2?

Showtime 2 is a secondary channel belonging to the same network. It airs a separate schedule of programming than Showtime. This consists of a number of original series, special programming, and movie reruns. The channel was launched in October 1991 and from 2001 to 2006 it was rebranded as Showtime Too. The channel reverted to its original name in 2006.

What does Showtime Beyond Offer?

Showtime Beyond is another channel in the network umbrella but it has a very different audience. The channel has a focus on fantasy, science fiction, and even horror. This channel launched in September 1999 and also features sci-fi series made for cable by Showtime.

What’s on Showtime Extreme?

Showtime Extreme is all about hardcore extreme action, hence the name. The channel officially launched in March 1998 and is still going strong. It airs a variety of films from genres such as adventure, action, crime, and sports. It also airs MMA and boxing events but no MLB or NFL. The channel airs around sixty films every month and features 2 films from a different action hero every Sunday.

What can I watch on Showtime Family Zone?

The channel launched in March 2001 and has been offering family-centric content ever since. Showtime Family Zone airs family-friendly programming, including specials and movies for younger audiences. The movies the channel airs are usually rated G, PG, or PG 13. The channel does not broadcast any R-rated content or TV-MA programming.

What to Watch on Showtime Next?

Showtime Next also launched in March 2001 alongside Family Zone. However, its target audience couldn’t be more different. The channel primarily targets audiences ranging from 18 to 34 in age. It airs more than 50 movies every month. Its programming consists of a mix of live-action, animation, made-for-cable, and documentaries. It also broadcasts concerts from time to time.

What is Showtime Showcase?

First launched in 1996, the channel was originally known as Showtime 3, up until 2001. It has a similar programming focus as Showtime 2 and usually features first-run movies. It also airs original made-for-cable movies produced for Showtime. Showtime Showcase has no affiliation with Canadian or Australian Showcase channels.

Girl Power with Showtime Women

Showtime Women is, as the name suggests, the network’s primarily female-oriented channel. It features movies and specials as well as original TV shows geared towards a female audience. The channel is popular among females aged 18 to 34.

You can subscribe to premium channels individually with Optimum bundles. This lets you pick and choose the channels you need so you only pay for what you require. On the other hand, if you include Optimum internet with your subscription, you can get access to a large on-demand library as well as access to Optimum hotspots everywhere.

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