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Spectrum Cable Packages and Bundle Deals

Spectrum Cable packages

Are you tired of all the unaffordable, low-quality cable tv services or have not got one yet? Well, you are missing out on a lot. Because Spectrum cable packages are the perfect ensemble of high-quality services, package options, affordability, and efficient customer care service.


TV Only Package

Spectrum TV Select



  • 125+ Channels
  • Full Free HD experience
  • DVR services available
  • TV Shows & Movies available On-Demand
  • Charges: $49.99/mo.

1-year promotional rate, regular price $79.99/mo.


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All prices and plans may not be available for all areas or to all customers & can expire at any time.

Make a choice of a lifetime and ensure peace of mind with a reliable digital services provider like Spectrum. Having to pay a huge chunk of your already-stretched wallets is not fair if you don’t get quality and reliability in return.

Spectrum ensures providing you quality and affordability. With a massive service coverage area, Spectrum provides its services in a number of states including the contiguous states of the United States.

Go HD With Spectrum Cable Packages

With most HD channels, you can enjoy all your favorite channels in high-quality displays all the time.

premium channels

Premium Channels Included

Now you can enjoy premium networks with no additional charges and binge-watch your favorite shows on the go.

Valid for TV Essentials and TV Choice Packages

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spectrum dvr

Comes with a DVR service

Record your favorite shows or pause/resume anytime as it comes with a DVR service.


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Great News! Spectrum will pay up to $500 in early termination fees


Spectrum TV™ Select

$49.99 / mo.

  • Flexible HD channels
  • DVR services available
  • Numerous TV Shows & Movies available On-Demand



No contract required

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Choice 15 + Internet

$79.98 / mo.

  • Crips HD channels Experience
  • On-Demand TV Shows & Movies
  • Internet up to 100 Mbps speed
  • Modem Included



No contract required

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Triple Play Broadcast

$74.97 / mo.

  • Ultra HD channels
  • TV Shows & Movies On-Demand
  • Internet up to 100 Mbps speed
  • Unlimited calling in Canada, Mexico, US, and other US territories


No contract required

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Plans and prices may not be for all areas. Verify terms and availability with Charter / Spectrum.

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Spectrum has an amazing set of packages for everyone. Being the oldest digital services provider and a reliable one. It has got all your digital experience covered whether you want just cable, internet, or just phone.


What will You Get with Spectrum Cable Plans?

Ultimate Entertainment Mix

Whether you are a sports freak or a regular news viewer, or you don’t miss widely anticipated reality TV shows and blockbuster movies, Spectrum TV packages have covered them for you.

Spectrum provides a number of options to pick from. Get your customized TV experience Today!

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An Intelligent Choice

When it comes to recommending Spectrum cable packages, there are many reasons why we say it would be an intelligent choice.

Not only does Spectrum offer a good number of standalone, spectrum double play, and triple-play packages, but all the packages are affordable and packed with entertainment.

Spectrum Cable Plans Offer More

You are going to get;

  • FREE DVR service
  • Free HD experience
  • No Contracts
  • And much more

Spectrum cable packages are both economically priced and entertainment-packed. Especially if you hail from a family of entertainment lovers, you need to subscribe to one of the packages to provide your family with all the entertainment that they deserve

  • Premium TV channels
  • Favorite movies and shows On Demand

Call today to order from the best offers.

Save with Spectrum Cable Bundles

Charter has always created offers for its customers that are not heavy on the pocket.

You can choose from any of these bundles;

Spectrum cable packages are amazingly-designed whether it’s standalone packages or double and spectrum triple play options. Choosing reliability and convenience by subscribing to all three digital services would be a wise choice. So, what’s the wait?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Spectrum Cable Packages

How much is Spectrum basic cable a month?

Its basic package is Spectrum TV select starting at $49.99/mo

What are the different Spectrum TV packages?

Spectrum has these three TV packages – Select, Essentials, and Choice – that provide 125 to 200+ kids, entertainment, news, and sports channels.

What is the cheapest spectrum TV package?

The cheapest TV package is Spectrum TV Select, which has 125+ channels with a price of $49.99/mo. *

What Is Spectrum on Demand?

It’s a feature that comes even with a Spectrum basic cable package which allows you to access thousands of movies, series, and channels.

What Premium Channels are in Spectrum basic package?

Spectrum’s basic package,  TV Select, offers family favorites like Disney Channel, ESPN, and HGTV. The mid-range package, TV Essentials, comes with premium-channel favorites like SHOWTIME® and HBO®.

What’s the best Spectrum deal?

Spectrum select triple play, Essentials double play, Choice double play, Choice triple play are one of the Spectrum deals where offerings meet expectations.

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