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Why You Should be Calling the Charter Spectrum Customer Service Number?

Whether you are just about fed up with your current service provider or are looking to upgrade to one of the best service structures offered in the US, there are many reasons to be dialing the Spectrum customer service number. Spectrum customer support is comprised of an enthusiastic and friendly team who are ready, willing and able to address all your connectivity needs.

Before You Call Spectrum Customer Service Number

To help your call go as easily as promising, prepare the following things before you call:

Your account number: Check your account number by logging into, if you are a residential customer. Spectrum customers for business, they have a separate portal at Or you can have your latest bill with you as well.

A phone number linked to your account: Sometimes Spectrum customer service representatives will ask for this as well along with your account number.

Ending four digits of your Social Security: For confirming your identity and verify that you have rights to manage the account you are calling about.

Writing material for note-taking: Always keep pen and paper nearby for writing down confirmation numbers or any other additional information you might need for future references.

Billing address: If you are planning to move your service location, you will need to have exact service address with zip code.

Existing customers wanted to pay Spectrum Bill or related queries call this number


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What Can the Charter Spectrum Customer Support Offer You

It does not just support you get, but also a high level of technical assistance. The Spectrum customer service number is more than a help number; it’s your guide to all of best Spectrum services. While you can easily get this information from Spectrum support, this blog will provide some highlights of what it can offer you:

1. Internet

The Internet service is among the fastest in the country, available nationwide at very affordable rates. It comes with many exciting features, some of which are listed below:

  • Blistering high speeds starting from 60 Mbps with options available up to 100 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • Enough bandwidth for all your devices
  • Free modem
  • Free access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots
  • A dedicated phone number for Spectrum Internet customer service
  • Includes Security Suite
  • No contract required

Having a fast internet connection is not enough these days. You need stable connectivity, consistent speeds, and reliable customer care. It’s one of the very few internet service providers who are consistent in all these areas. And it is all at a very affordable price ().

So dial the Spectrum Internet Customer Service number now to order your fast and reliable internet connection!

2. TV Select

Tired of your lackluster TV service? Not getting enough channels or charter support on the help number? Maybe it’s time to switch to TV select, that along with outstanding Charter Spectrum customer support offers many entertainment opportunities that your current provider may not. Some examples are:

  • 125+ channels with Free HD
  • Access to over 10,000 movies and TV shows with On-demand plus 5,000 free choices
  • Free Spectrum TV app that allows you to watch live TV and On Demand on any device!
  • Pause, play, and rewind live TV
  • No requirement to buy and install expensive equipment
  • No contract required
  • Dedicated customer care on the Spectrum cable customer service number

This TV service offers you a whole new world of entertainment freedom and is priced affordably (Call @ ). So call the Spectrum cable customer service number now to switch to an exciting new service. A TV has never gotten better than this.

3. Voice

Spectrum voice is much more than just the freedom to talk as much as you want. It comes with an array of 28 unique features to make your calling experience more enjoyable.

Spectrum Voice Service

  • Voicemail
  • Accept selected callers only
  • Nomorobo
  • Hide outgoing caller ID
  • Forward calls
  • Readable Voicemail
  • Call waiting with Caller ID
  • Trace Call

With outstanding features like the ones above, it’s almost shocking to see the very competitive price tag that comes with Voice. Dial the Spectrum customer service number now to get Voice for your home.

Triple Play Package Deals

Other than the above mentioned individual services, you can also get a combination of the services. That too at some of the most affordable prices. Here are the amazing package deals available:

Spectrum Internet Customer Service Number

Combine a high-speed internet connection with excellent TV service and reliable phone service with Triple Play deals. You can now save a lot of money (up to $200) by ordering a qualified Triple Play online. You not only get free installation but free Wi-Fi setup as well as free DVR service.

For more details on whether you qualify, please contact Spectrum customer support. It currently offers three Triple Play packages as listed below:

  • Triple Play Select: This is the basic triple play package.
  • Triple Play Silver: This is the most popular triple play package. It’s perfect if you want to go a step above the basics.
  • Triple Play Gold: It is the premium triple play service.

Don’t Need a Full Package?

Spectrum Internet Prices Without Bundle

If you don’t need a complete Triple Play package with TV, Internet and Voice, no worries! Just get in touch with Charter customer support and ask for any one of these options:

TV Select plus Internet

This pairs Spectrum TV Select with the Internet to give you the best of both worlds. You get over 125 channels including free HD and access to thousands of On Demand choices. There’s also live and on-demand streaming on any device via the TV App and optional DVR service. You also get internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps along with a Security Suite and no data caps.

Throw in a free modem and it’s a bargain (Call @ 1).

Internet plus Voice

With this option, you get the standard internet connection with speeds starting from 100 Mbps. This also carries no data limit, and you get a free Security Suite for your online protection as well as a free modem. The Voice service includes both unlimited local and long distance along with the rest of the key features included in other packages.

You also get access to the Voice Online Manager at no extra cost to manage your home phone on the go. All this at a very competitive price.

TV Select

For those who are primarily concerned with getting the best TV service, this is the go-to option. You get all the features of TV Select and you can also access your favorite networks’ TV apps. In addition, you get the option of a DVR service for up to 4 TVs. Not a bad option at all.


Best for people who just want a fast and reliable internet connection, the Internet offers a powerful 100 Mbps speed along with no data caps and free online protection as well as a free modem. It’s basic but it’s among the best available in its league (Call @ ).

It prides itself on not only its efficient service structure but also its lasting relationships with its customers. Spectrum customer support plays a huge role in making this possible. Without Charter Spectrum customer care, it would not be possible for the company to build lasting and beneficial relationships.

Choose us as your digital service provider and join its ever-growing digital family. In case you require more information on any of the packages, the Time Warner Cable Support is your go-to source. To get your services today, call now and let us guide you to a new world of reliability, efficiency, and support.


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