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Spectrum Internet Plans, Prices, Packages And Deals

Spectrum internet plans

Finding a Lightning-fast internet connection that lets your surf, stream, and downloads anything in the blink of an eye? Yes? then you are just at the right place because Spectrum internet plans have it all at a very affordable price. Get online and surf, stream, work from home and download anything in the blink of an eye.


Internet Only

Spectrum Internet




  • Speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Modem Included
  • Free Internet modem
  • Premium Security Suite
  • No Data Caps
  • Charges: $49.99/mo.

1-year promotional rate, regular price $69.99/mo.


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All plans may not be for all areas or to every customer & can expire every time. Verify terms and availability with Charter / Spectrum. Last updated on 02/02/2021.

Spectrum deals are a very common option across US households, as Charter has been expanding it’s internet services in past a few years. Charter Spectrum cover some of the big states such as;

  • California
  • New York
  • Texas

Since merging with TWC and Bright House, their footprint covers almost 100+ million potential customers across 44 states.

Go fast With Spectrum Internet New Packages

With NEW Speeds, you can do HD Stream and favorite gaming faster than ever before.

Fast Speed Internet by Spectrum

Fast Internet Speed

Spectrum offers high-speed internet starting from 200 Mbps at a great price. Plus point is there are NO data caps.

Wireless speeds may vary

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wifi setup for streaming

Fast In-Home WiFi

Do not forget to add superior in-home WiFi service from us and connect all your devices to your home network. You will have the required range and speed to game, stream, and upload.

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Add Spectrum TV and watch on-the-go

Do not miss your favorite shows on Live and on-Demand TV with your favorite apps

  • Spectrum TV App: Stream your favorite movies, sports, and so on
  • Channels APP: You can download 80+ network TV Apps anywhere you want. (with an internet connection)

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Spectrum internet-only plans and pricing

Plans Starting per mo. price* Download speeds
Spectrum Internet $49.99 *200 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Ultra $69.99 *400 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Gig $89.99 *1 Gbps

Prices are per month and plans may not be for all areas. Taxes can be different as per your address. Last updated on 2/2/2021.


What will You Get with Spectrum Internet Plans?

Smooth Fast Internet

Browse the internet with (starting at) 100 Mbps connection, watch HD movies online, and play multiplayer online games without lag. You can do all that on multiple devices with one internet connection and without experiencing any slowdowns. You will miss all this with any traditional DSL or Satellite-based internet services.

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Faster Speeds with Spectrum Internet Packages

To stay ahead of the fast digital world we are living in you will need a faster internet package. To get that order Spectrum Internet Ultra package with the speed of up to 940 Mbps download. All family members can connect their smartphones, laptops, and tablets all the time. Get maximum out of your internet with amazing Spectrum offers.

Spectrum Internet Plans Offer More

You are going to get;

  • FREE Modem
  • No Contracts
  • And much more

Every Spectrum internet offer gives you a FREE modem with a free Spectrum security suite (up to 10 different devices). You can now enjoy service, which is contract-free, secure, and FAST at the same time. Spectrum’s download speeds start from 200 Mbps and cover 40+ states around the U.S.

  • More bandwidth compare to others
  • All families can connect to the Internet

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Save with Spectrum Internet Bundles

Charter always cares for its customers and understands the preferences of its residential customers. Spectrum offers a variety of bundle deals for residential internet users, which will fit their unique requirements. You can choose from any of these bundles;

Triple play bundles include internet connection starting from 100 Mbps which can be upgraded to 940 Mbps at affordable internet prices. It comes with a free Internet Security Suite that allows you to stay safe.

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Spectrum internet Frequently Asked Questions

Is Time Warner Cable internet the same as Spectrum?

Yes. TWC was acquired by Charter back in 2016.

How much does Spectrum internet cost after 12 months?

The first year it costs you $49.99/mo. No contract and FREE Modem. After 12 months Spectrum will charge normal rates.

Does Spectrum have a contract?

No. Spectrum internet provider does not ask you to sign a contract.

Does Spectrum offer senior discounts?

Internet Assist is for senior citizens with a 30 Mbps speed plan. You can avail of it as soon as you get qualified for that.

What Spectrum internet speeds are available?

Speeds vary by your address but in most of the areas, Spectrum Internet offers speeds up to 940 Mbps. Again depends upon your package and the speed available in your area.

How can I reduce my Spectrum bill?

If you have your router then you can save $5 from the monthly bill.

Why is my internet slow?

Spectrum cable internet can experience slow speeds because for different reasons,

  • Peak usage times
  • All the devices used at the same time via Wi-Fi
  • Take Speed tests

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