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Protecting Students Online with Spectrum Internet Security

Online security emerged as a major concern lately. Since the inception of the internet, many issues have surfaced regarding the cybersecurity. We all know that there are tons of information online and a lot of it is personal and confidential. We rely on the internet for so much that it becomes inevitable to not share personal information. Amenities like online banking, online shopping, online course, and others essentially require an exchange of sensitive info. Similarly, the role of the internet in expanding the education sector is incredible. Students have opportunities to delve in endless varieties of the curriculum. And that’s irrespective of their economic status and location. No one can deny the remarkable potential of online education systems. But, when children or youngsters use the internet, the security risks are highly involved. You can compare it with children riding bikes on the highway! How safe is that?

The information superhighway that the internet is, the users, (especially children) need security amenities. ISPs have come up with security facilities and systems to help us protect our children and ourselves. Spectrum internet security is one instance in this regard. Let’s discuss this in detail.

The Threats Online

First things first, the online threat to our children is real! And the people who have experienced it firsthand know how scary it is! The issue is grave, so much so that the government recognizes it. There are organizations to help people who are victims to it.

  • The NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) came into being in 2005. It established a cyber-tip line to help facilitate the reporting of suspects involved in sexual exploitation against children. The partners in creating this organization are many. Some are, FBI, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Secret Service, and many others
  • The Cyber-Tipline has received about 4.3 million complains until 2015! And they were from ESPN (Electronic Service Providers) as well as individual citizens
  • The authorities also recognize the growing concern about the easy access to harmful and obscene online content. And CIPA goes as far as making the libraries and schools, which receive E-Rate discounts, to effectively restrict the access to the aforementioned content types
  • Congress passed the ‘Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act’ in 2007. CIPA ensures addressing to cyber-bullying and appropriate use of social media and chat rooms
  • CIPA also ensures that the schools monitor the online activities of students,  on the internet system of school
  • Schools have carefully designed their internet systems to alleviate threats by online bullies and predators. It helps in establishing appropriate behavior norms online

Hence, the government is trying to play its role in providing more access to the internet in the classroom. While ensuring a completely safe environment. However, it’s clearly understandable that meeting all these requirements of content filtering, screening, avoiding bullying, and so much more is a huge challenge.

The Role of Internet Service Providers

Internet service providers have a pivotal role in providing all these services effectively. Only then we will be able to ensure the protection of students. You may have a subscription to one of the Optimum Wifi plans at home and they provide a complete security solution for you. For domestic setups, any ISP provides good security services. Another instance of good home security is Comcast and their Xfinity Wifi plans. But here, the challenge is bigger than protecting a single household. The school networks are huge and need more consistent, bigger, and verifiable capability to meet the mandate of CIPA. Without a high-performance ISP, it is not possible to maintain such a massive network.

In recent years, clients have shown an inclination towards Charter Spectrum. And this is in reference to maintain an effective school internet network. The network has to be in compliance with the aforementioned mandates.

The network is the central focus of the entire core service offer. Therefore, Spectrum Enterprise committed to offering the best to meet the stringent requirements. So, here is how they did it:

  • Spectrum had a partnership with i-SAFE in 2015. i-SAFE is famous for being exceptional in compliance administration and curriculum. It supports around 30 million pupils in around 4,500 schools nationwide
  • The complexity of network and internet systems for educators and administrators has become challenging. Operating them has become a massive challenge. And catering to parental expectations is another challenge in this regard. They expect the same, state-of-the-art level of technology that students have at home. Aware of all this situation, Spectrum came up with an effective and comprehensive network strategy
  • Since federal funding is directly associated with the instructed security mechanisms, students had to be trained in order to ensure safe browsing

Spectrum Internet Security

School administrators essentially need to rely on trusted ISPs. They can meet the bandwidth demands that they have. They need a trusted partner to help them with the right curriculum and content. Spectrum proves to be of great help in the safe online operation.

Why should you Choose Spectrum?

Spectrum’s Security Suite is quite a decent software for many reasons.

  • It provides free antivirus software and limits unnecessary bandwidth on the network
  • It prevents malware spread and creation of bots. This contributes to maintaining a stable network
  • Their security software provides ultimate protection that cannot be compared with any other

More Features

  • Comprehensive coverage for as many devices
  • No additional cost for up to 10 devices
  • Offers advanced and impressive real-time protection. Your devices will be protected against spyware, viruses, and any other possible malicious attacks
  • Provides secure firewall in order to prevent any hacking attempts and keeps your data safe
  • Supports automatic updates via the advanced cloud-based technologies
  • Recurrent spyware detection procedures and their removal, ensuring a smooth running of your computers
  • Active browsing protection mechanisms, which effectively block unsafe sites

The AntiBot Scanner

Spectrum internet security also offers an effective AntiBot scanner. The scanners essentially scan the places where botnet malware may hide on the computers. And then, it eradicates the infection.

If you don’t know what a botnet is, then let us enlighten you.

  • It is a group of devices, which are infected with malware. It could be controlled and used without your consent.
  • They can be easily used to spread malware or spam, gather personal information (it may include passwords), steal confidential financial information or cause irrecoverable damage to multiple devices at a time

Spectrum is your partner is getting rid of Antibots, as well as, effectively protecting the students from the hazards of online crimes. Children are the future of any nation. Their security, both cyber as well as real, is mandatory. The parents, teachers, administrators, educators, and all adults at large should take the responsibility of protecting our children. It’s only with sound and secure upbringing and education which will make them confident, enlightened, groomed and learned individuals. Only such children will become adults who can influence the world for good. Their security today is in our hands and we can’t emphasize enough on not taking it lightly. Be vigilant, choose the best security systems, and keep the children secure. Good luck!

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