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Spectrum Silver Channel Package and List

Spectrum Silver Channel Package

Spectrum offers a wide range of packages to suit the budget needs of various income groups. One such affordable range comes in the form of Spectrum Silver packages. You can opt for a stand-alone TV service or choose to subscribe to the Double and Triple Play packages available.

So let’s find out more about the details below.

The Range of Spectrum Silver Packages

Here are all the available packages in the Spectrum Silver line:

Charter Spectrum TV Silver

Subscribing to this stand-alone TV service means that you get access to over 175 channels and all of them in HD quality. It does not cost to have access to HD channels at Spectrum. Apart from that, two premium channels (HBO and SHOWTIME) are also included in the list. Not only this, but you will also get your hands on the On-Demand feature that allows you to watch thousands of shows and movies.

Free Spectrum TV app is also a part of the package. Thus, allowing you to watch TV on the go with ease. Also, the app allows you to log into over 80 network apps. The package is compatible with almost all the prominent devices including Apple TV, smartphones, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, and Roku. It would cost you $74.99/month for this package.

The following table includes the list of popular spectrum silver channels included.

5Star Max Bravo BBC CBS Sports Network Disney Junior
Golf Channel Cartoon Network MTV Classic SHOWTIME TLC
BET Soul ABC Esquire HBO Create
CMT Cozi MyTV Lifetime UP
ESPN FM Food Network IFC HSN
AMC Freeform FOX Discovery Channel CNBC
Hallmark Channel Antenna TV Ovation Nick Music WE
E! Azteca Revolt Reelz Channel USA
ESPN+ FM Food Network IFC HSN
Chiller Nick Jr. NBC VH1 truTV


Spectrum Double Play Silver

The ‘double’ in the package’s name implies two services bundled together. In this case, it is cable TV and the Internet. When it comes to the cable TV part, you will get almost all the features that the stand-alone service offers as well. This means getting access to over 175 HD channels, premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, and NFL Network a part of the deal and having free access to the app.

However, an additional service that you will subscribe to if you opt for this Spectrum Silver package, it is the Internet. The double play deal offers 100+ Mbps of the Internet. Not to forget the free modem and anti-virus software that will come with it. Apart from that, you won’t have to worry about data usage either. Spectrum Internet packages do not have any data caps.

Subscribe today for an offer that comes at an affordable price tag of $119.98/month. You can connect to a rep to guide you through.

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Spectrum Triple Play Silver

This Spectrum Silver package offers all tree services (cable TV, Internet, and phone). Your access to the number of channels remains the same (175+). However, the speed of the Internet in this deal will astonish you. Get ready to surf the Internet at a blazing fast speed of up to 940 Mbps. Do you know what this means? You can relish gaming, downloading, video-chatting, and binge-watching all at one time.

Other than these two services, you also get to enjoy making unlimited calls with the States as well as to Canada and Mexico. What more could you ask for? If you are willing to spend $132.97/month, you would not find a better deal than this.

If you are looking for value for money, then a bundle would be a better choice than the stand-alone service. In case you believe that the number of premium channels included in these Charter Spectrum Silver packages is not enough, you have a choice to add more but for an additional cost.

Why Choose Silver Packages?

Are you wondering what is it about the silver packages that should sway pt for them? You are not alone. Apart from the amazing Spectrum Silver package channels, there are many more reasons to subscribe to any of the silver deals.


All the deals ion the silver package line offers the On-Demand option. Hence, allowing the subscribers to enjoy watching unlimited shows and movies of their choice. The library includes a buffet of blockbuster movies and prominent seasons. This makes up for anything that you were not able to watch live. The library includes all the shows and movies that were on air on some of the most prominent channels. These include NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS.

TV App

As mentioned earlier, every package gives the subscribers free access to the TV app. So, if you have been efficient with Spectrum Bill pay, you will have access to the Internet throughout as well. This means that you can relish watching TV even when on the go. You won’t have to bear the boring commutes. Many prominent devices are compatible with the TV app including Roku, phones, smart TVs, tablets, and Xbox One.

The app also puts you in control of your DVR and set-top box.

Web Portal

This feature allows you to watch TV from anywhere using any Internet. However, if you wish to watch the channels in 4K, then you will have to upgrade to the Spectrum 4K service. From searching for titles to looking for sports teams, this web portal allows you to search for anything from anywhere. Searching category or network wise is also an option.

Channel Apps

The Spectrum Silver Channel list is so amazing that everyone wants to get access to them from wherever they might be. You access any of these channels from anywhere if you have access to mobile data or the Internet. Some of the many channels that people mostly watch include HBO Go, STARZ, and CNN, to name a few.

You would not get a better deal than the Spectrum silver packages. In case, you wish to learn more, you can contact a Spectrum customer service rep by calling 1-844-813-5886. Knowledgeable and efficient reps will provide you with all the necessary information.


What channels are in the spectrum silver package?

There are over 175 channels including premium channels like HBO, NFL Network, and SHOWTIME.

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