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Americans are becoming increasingly more demanding about their entertainment. These days, even a small family of four have varying entertainment tastes and habits. Younger viewers tend to get their entertainment online through streaming services like Netflix. Older viewers prefer conventional TV mediums to watch the news, sports, movies, and TV shows. Spectrum Triple Play offers you the best of TV and internet entertainment as well as crystal clear, feature-rich home phone services. All in one convenient package.

Spectrum Triple Play Packages

Like most providers, Spectrum offers residential phone, internet, and cable TV services to its subscribers across the United States. Many households prefer to get all three services from the same provider. This has prompted the industry to come up with triple-play packages that bundle all services together for a reduced cost. Below are some more details on the 3 Spectrum Triple Play packages currently available.

Package Internet TV Channels Phone Extras Price *

Triple Play Select

100 Mbps 125+ Unlimited

Long-distance Calling

Free modem. $102.97/mo for 12 months.

Triple Play Silver

100 Mbps 175+ Unlimited

Long-distance Calling

Free modem,

Premium channels.

$132.97/mo for 12 months.

Triple Play Gold 100 Mbps 200+ Unlimited

Long-distance  Calling

Free modem,

Premium channels.

$152.97/mo for 12 months.


Triple Play Select

This bundle offers you all the essentials you need for a great in-home entertainment routine. It currently offers over 125 channels including many HD viewing options. The plan also includes a high-speed Spectrum internet connection reaching speeds up to 100 Mbps. In addition, there is a residential home phone service that comes with a host of exciting, cutting edge features for the best landline experience. The plan also includes a free internet modem. Spectrum Select channels include all the essentials like A&E, AMC, CBS, and ESPN. However, since it is a basic plan, it does not include premium channels like Starz.

Triple Play Silver

The Silver bundle offers a channel selection of over 175 channels, including several HD viewing options and premium options like Showtime. The plan offers the same reliable high-speed internet that reaches up to 100 Mbps in download speeds. There is also a home phone service that comes with unlimited calling to the US, US territories, Mexico, and Canada. In addition, you get a free internet modem at no extra cost. Spectrum Silver channels include all the essentials from the Select bundle, but also offers a selection of premium channels for your viewing pleasure. Some of the channels that come with the package include Hallmark, FXX, and NBC.

Triple Play Gold

This is the premium bundle package the provider currently has in its offerings. It gives you access to over 200 channels including premium favorites like HBO. Subscribing to this bundle also grants you access to the provider’s on-demand library full of thousands of titles. The plan includes internet speeds of 100 Mbps, a free modem, and home phone services with unlimited calling to US, US territories, Mexico, and Canada. Spectrum Gold channels include all the options from the Silver bundle, as well as all the premium content you can desire.

Spectrum Triple Play Channel Lineup

The provider’s triple-play bundles offer hundreds of HD viewing options from a well-rounded and diverse channel lineup. Coupled with high-speed internet and a stellar home phone service makes this an unbeatable service. Please bear in mind that your actual channel lineup may vary based on your city and state. For a complete list of channels in your service area, check out the Spectrum channel guide.

There are several reasons why so many subscribers choose to bundle their services into Spectrum Triple Play. One of the main reasons is that the provider offers a great price when you bundle Double Play or Triple Play services. You get all three services from the same provider with convenient billing and a fair price.

Another reason to subscribe to Charter Triple Play is the great customer service you get. All of the provider’s subscriptions come with a history of reliability and great service. But in case you have any queries, run into a snag, or want to order your triple-play bundles today, call Spectrum Customer Service at 1-844-813-5886. The provider’s helpful service reps are trained to handle and resolve all your queries. So don’t wait, and order your bundle offer today.

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