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Review of Spectrum TV Choice Package and Channel Lineup

Spectrum TV Choice package

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Cord-cutting is on the rise. To cater to the issue, Spectrum offers its customers a choice to choose the channels that they wish to with Spectrum TV Choice package. You can compare this with a customized menu where you get to order whatever it is that you feel like having.

Understanding the Spectrum TV Choice Package 

Spectrum introduced this package keeping in view the fact that the majority is shifting towards cord-cutting. However, this service has its pros and cons. The good thing about the package is that there is no need for you to subscribe to channels that you do not watch. Which means that you pay a subscription fee for only the channels that you watch. You get the live and local channels apart from a choice of ten channels that you select from a list of many. Together these channels make up your package.

Unlike other Spectrum cable packages where you pay for all the channels regardless of whether you watching them or not, the TV Choice Package only asks of you to pay for the ones you most frequently watch. You do not get involved in any contracts. There is also no need for you to purchase a cable box.

You can select your own devices to view the channels on TV. This includes Smart TVs as well.

Spectrum TV Choice Channels List

If you opt for the TV Choice package, you will be able to watch the following channels:

  • ABC, NBC, and CBC as the major broadcast networks.
  • News 1 Channel by Spectrum to stay updated.
  • If in your location, you will also be able to watch digital subnetworks – MeTV and Bounce.
  • Music Choice channels are a part of Spectrum TV Choice channels list as well.
  • Premium channels including The Movie Channel, Starz, and HBO.
  • Shopping channels including HSN and QVC.
  • Educational as well as public access channels.
  • Your choice of 10 channels from a list of 77 channels.
  • You will get access to limited On-Demand channels on the app

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Channel Lineup:

Here’s a complete list of the channels for your information. Choose the ones you like to add to your Spectrum TV Choice channel lineup.

Channel Name Category Channel
A&E Lifestyle 41
AMC Entertainment 54
Animal Planet Kids 60
Azteca América Latino 800
BBC America News 85
BBC World News News 362
BeIN SPORTS Español Latino 836
BET Entertainment 50
Bloomberg Television News 356
Bravo Lifestyle 53
Cartoon Network Kids 36
CMT Entertainment 76
CNBC News 56
CNN News 28
CNN en Español Latino 807
Comedy Central Entertainment 51
Discovery Channel Family 40
Discovery en Español Latino 809
Disney Channel Kids 35
Disney Junior Kids 86
Disney XD Kids 87
E! Entertainment 43
El Rey Network Latino 841
ESPN Sports 31
ESPN Deportes Latino 813
ESPN2 Sports 32
Food Network Lifestyle 44
FOX Business Network News 353
FOX Deportes Latino 814
FOX News Channel News 63
FOX Sports 1 Sports 25
Freeform Kids 39
FX Entertainment 64
FX Movie Channel Entertainment 84
FXX Entertainment 88
Galavisión Latino 801
GSN Entertainment 219
Hallmark Channel Entertainment 23
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Entertainment 69
HGTV Lifestyle 45
HISTORY Family 20
HLN News 27
Investigation Discovery Lifestyle 81
Lifetime Entertainment 42
LMN Entertainment 65
MSNBC News 57
MTV Entertainment 49
MTV2 Entertainment 91
National Geographic Lifestyle 61
NBC Sports Network Sports 59
NFL Network Sports 346
Nickelodeon Kids 37
OWN Entertainment 99
Oxygen Entertainment 73
Paramount Network Entertainment 46
SYFY Lifestyle 52
TBS Entertainment 17
TCM Entertainment 55
The Weather Channel News 15
TLC Family 12
TNT Entertainment 30
Travel Channel Lifestyle 14
TRU TV Entertainment 74
TV Land Family 38
UniMás Latino 821
Univisión Latino 19
Univisión Deportes Latino 838
USA Network Entertainment 29
VH1 Entertainment 48
WAPA América Latino 823
WE tv Lifestyle 47

The given channel lineup is based on national estimates. It may vary by location.

The Cost of the Package

You can get the TV Choice package at a reasonable monthly subscription. The provider advertises specific prices for specific packages. However, this price does not include the taxes involved. So, you will need to factor in local, state and federal taxes. Not only this, but Spectrum raises the price of the package after you have subscribed to it for 2 years. You will have to pay an additional monthly charge after two years.

In case, you opt for the DVR, the package cost goes up. This means that you will have to pay an extra monthly rental for each single box. And if you plan to get a multi-room DVR service with two boxes, you will have to bear the extra cost from your package price. After two boxes, you pay less for each additional box.

Have a detailed look at the Spectrum channel guide for the TV Choice package. Though limited, you need to be familiar with the list.

Goodbye, Cable Box

As mentioned above, you do not need a cable box for TV Choice package. But what alternatives can you turn to instead? This is the real question. One of the most popular alternatives is to download the Spectrum TV app and get access to an unlimited amount of channels. You can download the app on any of your devices including Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One and even your tablets.

You also have a choice to watch TV on your computer through Spectrum’s website. However, you will need an Adobe Flash for that. But if you have the Adobe Flash, you can have access to On-Demand videos, add shows to watch list, get a grid-based channel guide, get access to live channels and even have a choice to search for specific programs. Spectrum’s app also integrates with Apple TV or Roku. Thus, providing you with an even better TV watching experience.

Having said this, the choice is yours. If you want to switch from Spectrum Select package and another, you have all the information. That should help you with your decision better.

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How do I get Spectrum TV Choice Package?

Log into Spectrum’s website, select the option of ‘add TV’ select the package as your desired option.

Is Spectrum TV Choice a streaming service?

No, it is not.

How to unsubscribe the TV Choice package?

Just call the Customer service number for that purpose.

Does Spectrum TV Choice have a DVR?

No, it does not. But you can purchase it separately.


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