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Spectrum TV Essentials Package and Channels List

Spectrum TV Essentials package channel list

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If you’re a cord-cutter who misses the entertainment live TV offers, this one is for you. Introducing Spectrum TV Essentials, the provider’s live TV streaming service offering up to 60 popular channels. As of now, the reasonably priced service offers a diverse mix of lifestyle, music, news, and entertainment to subscribers.

Read on to find out more about this exciting streaming service.

What Exactly is Spectrum TV Essentials?

Currently available to the provider’s internet-only customers, the service comes with a well-rounded selection of 60 popular channels. The best part is, you don’t have to subscribe to a cable service to get them. Cord-cutters subscribed to the provider’s internet service can avail the offer and start streaming live TV on all their devices using the Spectrum TV app. Of course, the service does not contain as many channels as the Spectrum TV Choice package. But it still manages to put together a decent selection of entertainment options. The service does not include sports channels like ESPN.

How Can I Watch Content on The Service?

The provider’s service works just like any other streaming platform in the 21st Century. In other words, all you need is a subscription to the service, a running and reliable internet service, and a supported device or devices. Luckily, the provider has made the service compatible with a long list of devices, making it much easier for people to get access to the live TV content they need via the internet. The Spectrum TV App will allow you to use the service on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The service allows you to create a watch list for your content, letting you place all your favorite content in the same place.

Currently, you can only stream on one device at a time. This makes it perfect for people who like to keep their entertainment to themselves or live on their own without needing to share screens and entertainment. But it’s still a good choice for families as well, especially the ones that gather in front of their TV in the living room for their daily dose of entertainment.

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TV Select

TV Essentials + Internet

Triple Play Broadcast

$49.99/mo $69.98/mo $74.97/mo
125+ channels 175+ HDTV channels 200+ HDTV channels + TV app included
Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
Subscription required for premium channels 100 MBPs Blazing-fast internet + Security Suite Blazing-fast internet + Premium Security Suite
TV app included TV app included Crystal Clear + Uninterrupted Voice Calling

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Channels in the Spectrum TV Essentials Channel Lineup

According to the provider, the streaming service has 60 channels to choose from including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and others. However, it does not carry much of a sports selection, so you can forget watching weekend games on NBC sports network. The service will also not include local and regional channels.

Download Spectrum Complete Channel lineup

The complete Spectrum TV Essentials channel lineup follows in the table below:

Comedy Central Discovery Hallmark Channel Hallmark Drama
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Lifetime Lifetime Movie Network AMC
American Heroes Channel A&E AXS TV BET
BET Her BET Jams BET Soul BBC America
Paramount Network HDNet Movies MotorTrend Network Logo
MTV Classic MTVU MTV Live TV Land
VH1 IFC Viceland
Nickelodeon Nick Music Nick Jr Teen Nick
Discovery Discovery Family Discovery Life DIY
Food Network Destination America HGTV Cooking Channel
History FYI Animal Planet CLEO TV
Outdoor Channel Science Channel Travel Channel TLC
Game Show Network OWN Bloomberg
BBC World News Weather Channel WEtv NewsmaxTV
Newsy Cheddar


The service will also include Spectrum News in Orlando, Tampa, Los Angeles, New York, and other markets.

List of Compatible Devices

Spectrum TV Essentials requires the Spectrum TV App to run. Essentially, it is compatible with all devices that can run the provider’s TV app. In addition, the service runs on almost all Samsung Smart TVs. Below follows a complete list of devices that are compatible with the streaming service:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Apple TV
  • iOS phones and tablets
  • Xbox One

However, bear in mind that the streaming service does not work on any of the following devices:

  • Google Chromecast
  • VIZIO Smart TVs
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Nintendo consoles
  • Playstation consoles
  • Android TV

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What Perks Does the Service Include?

There are many reasons to subscribe to the service. It offers several exciting perks that give you the most bang for your buck. Especially when compared to other live TV streaming services. Here’s what you get with Spectrum TV Essentials:

Watch Content On-The-Go

The problem with most live TV services is that you can’t take them mobile. You need to be home to be able to view your content. But not with Spectrum TV Essentials. The service allows you to stream your content anywhere using the Spectrum TV App. Just enter your TV Essentials credentials to log into the app and start streaming anywhere.

Great Audio and Video Quality

Entertainment junkies are very demanding about their content. Poor audio and video quality can quickly become the death of a new streaming service. Lucky for you, Spectrum TV Essentials has most of its content available in either 720 or 1080p. It also comes equipped with good stereo-quality sound.

Access to On-Demand Content

Just like with the provider’s cable TV subscription, the TV Essentials service gives you access to Spectrum’s on-demand library. Missed the latest episode of your favorite show? Just watch it on-demand and see what you missed out on. Bored on a lazy Sunday? Find a movie to keep you busy. There are tons of content just waiting to be explored.

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Other Great Features & Improvements

Providers like Spectrum don’t just stop after they create a new plan or service. They work on continuously improving it to make it the most desirable option in the market. Consumers in every market are anticipating a number of new features in the coming months, some of which include the following:

Parental Controls

Parents are always concerned about what their children watch. While warnings and PG ratings help families decide what content is age-appropriate for their children, it does not stop children from watching that content alone. That is why many people are hoping for parental controls to help parents restrict access to mature or violent content on the TV Essentials service.

Wider Device Compatibility

The service is already compatible with a large number of devices. However, it currently does not support certain devices like the PlayStation 4 or Google Chromecast. Many subscribers expect that the provider will roll out support or these devices in the months to follow.

Cloud DVR Storage

Spectrum TV Essentials is a great service by any standard. However, it is missing a cloud DVR function. Remember that cord-cutters likely don’t have access to a cable DVR. It is even more likely that they don’t want wires and equipment cluttering up their space. That means there is a need for Spectrum to include a cloud DVR service with TV Essentials, for a true cord-cutting experience. Will the provider roll out this feature soon? We will know in the coming months.

What Internet Speeds Do I Need?

The streaming service works over an internet connection, much like any other contemporary over-the-top entertainment service. That means the image and audio quality you get depends heavily on your internet connection. Most of the channels stream in either 720p or 1080p, depending on the channel. If you want to stream in HD, you may need speeds up to 6Mbps. The service streams audio in stereo quality, so as long as your internet connection works fine, you won’t have any audio problems.

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How Much Does Spectrum TV Essentials Cost?

By now you’re probably itching to find out what streaming 60 live channels is going to cost you. Of course, nobody likes paying hundreds of dollars in cable bills every year just for a few channels. Luckily, the internet-based streaming service from Spectrum comes with a reasonable price tag. It starts at a very affordable $15 per month. You can call the customer service number to get the complete low-down on the subscription cost.

The provider does not include any additional or hidden charges in the service. In absolute terms, the Spectrum streaming service costs less than alternatives like PlayStation Vue or SlingTV. Bear in mind that the service only offers live streaming at this time, and there are no Pay-Per-View channels included.

How Can I Subscribe To It?

To take advantage of the streaming service, you need to be an existing Spectrum customer. The service is available in a bundle format, along with the provider’s high-speed internet. To use the streaming platform, you need to be subscribed to both services. However, subscribing in itself is very simple.

Simply dial 1-844-813-5886 from your phone today and have a rep sign you up for the service right away.


Does Spectrum TV Essentials include local channels?

No, the service does not include local channels and regional sports channels

Are Spectrum TV Essentials available in my area?

The service is available in all areas with Spectrum internet coverage.

Does it have a free trial?

Unfortunately, unlike other streaming platforms, the service does not come with a free-trial period.

Does it come with a DVR?

The service currently does not include a DVR.

What channels are available?

The service comes with a respectable 60-channel lineup, which includes 18 top cable channels. For the complete list check our table above.

How many streams are possible simultaneously?

The service currently only supports one stream at a time.

Can I get live sports with TV essentials?

You can’t get regional or national live sports channels on the service.

Does the service include premium channels?

The service does not include premium channels like HBO or Starz

Is there any on-demand content available?

The service comes equipped with an on-demand library with content from most of the channels they offer. However, unlike a DVR, it is impossible to skip ads.

Does it support TV Everywhere apps?

No, the TV Essentials service does not support TV Everywhere apps.

Does the service come with a TV Guide?

The service comes equipped with a TV Guide very similar to that of a cable or satellite set-top box.

Do I have to deal with ads?

Yes, the service includes ads on live and on-demand content. However, you can skip ads in recorded content on your DVR.

Does it support 4K streaming?

The service only streams content in 720p or 1080p for some shows.

Does the service come with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound?

The service currently does not support Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. But it does have high-quality stereo audio that is good enough for everyday entertainment.


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