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Sports Streaming Guide: How to Watch Sports Events Without Cable?

sports streaming guide

It’s the dream of every sports fanatic to watch their favorite game live in the stadium. And if you aren’t privileged enough to get the tickets, you can always watch the game on TV in HD by creating a cheerful crowd at home.

Wait till you hear the best part, you don’t need cable to watch live sporting events. Streaming services have allowed sports enthusiasts to go cable-free and yet enjoy their favorite events. Follow along this guide to find out which networks and services offer the juiciest sports streaming services:

Best Channels for Domestic and International Sports

It’s a general belief that streaming services are a little weak in sports than cable counterparts. If you dig deeper into the best live sports streaming services, it will change your opinion completely. Every sports fan will be please to find cheap and comprehensive options.

Whether you would like to catch all major American sports or international sports, you can catch all sports events around the world. Here’ are the best channels for avid sports fans to follow for domestic and international sports:

Top Networks to Watch Live Sports On

Okay, if you would like to pick networks based on your interests in sports, this is all you need to know:

MLB Games

MLB Games are available on Fox, Fox RSN, ESPN, FS1, TBS, MLB Network, and NBC RSNs. You can also subscribe to MLB.TV, a dedicated stream on the package by itself for watching out-of-market games.

NBA Games

NBA games are spread across networks such a FOX RSNs, ABC, TNT, NBA League Pass, NBA TV, ESPN, and NBC RSNs. Remember that you will have to wait for up to 3 hours to watch the games as they are not available live. If you can do without a few games, YouTube TV is not a bad choice either. Another option is to buy the NBA’s League Pass to watch out-of-market games as well as replays.

NFL Games

Football fans will be able to watch NFL games on NBC, FOX, ESPN, CBS, and NFL Network itself.

NHL Games

To catch all the best hockey games’ coverage, tune in to FOX RSN, NHL Network, NBC Sports Network, CNBC, NBC RSNs, and the USA. Alternatively, you may also subscribe to NHL.TV and watch all replays and in-market games.

MMA and Boxing Events

ESPN and ESPN+ are two of the best networks to catch MMA and Boxing events. If you don’t have a Spectrum sports channels bundle or a cable plan altogether, you can also purchase the live events in the form of Pay Per View (PPV) fights.


NBC, FOX, FS1, and NBC Sports Network are the top networks to watch NASCAR Races.

Tennis Entertainment

Catch all regular Tennis tournaments on networks such as ABC, CBS, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, NBC Sports Network, and Tennis Channel.

How to Stream Sports Without Cable?

For live streaming sports channels, you must sign up for a streaming site, of course. Here are your options:


It’s the world leader in sports and it’s an affordable option as well. The service offers a variety of live and on-demand sports programs at a reasonable monthly price. ESPN+ is developed to give cord-cutting sports fan a way better alternative to watch their favorite sports. It airs live sporting events from NHL, PGS, and MLB to MLS and many college sports leagues.


FuboTV is a combination of sports and general entertainment. Its sports programming includes the NFL, NBC, FOX, CBS, TBS, TNT, FS1, and NFL network. It also carries plenty of international channels. The sports coverage depends on the plan you choose.

Sling TV

Sling TV also offers its fan a variety of TV channels let alone sport streaming options. Some popular networks are also available as add-ons. With the cloud-based DVR option, you can record your favorite games and watch them later.

NFL Game Pass

It’s going to provide you every out-of-market football game from NFL directly. Live games are not available but you can watch replays of each game by each team in the league.

NBA League Pass

It brings extensive basketball coverage for all types of sports fans.  It has all live games, replays, classic games, and audio broadcasting.

Now you know plenty of sports streaming services exist to cater to your sports needs and even more. Make the right move to streaming the sports channels you love the most instead of staying stuck to a couple of options.

Sports Streaming FAQs

Can I stream sports in 4k?

Sports streaming in 4K is limited right now. Although many cable and streaming service providers air live games in 4K, streaming sports content in 4k is not a norm.

What Internet speed do I need for live sports streaming?

You will need at least 10 Mbps of download speed live sports streaming. If more than one user is connected to the Internet at the same time, you will need a higher speed.

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