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What Channel is Starz on DIRECTV?

Starz on DIRECTV

Residents of this modern world don’t want to compromise when it comes to entertainment. Pertaining to their fast and hectic lifestyles, it is something that they ask for rightfully. It is only but natural to crave for some quality dose of entertainment to refresh and rejuvenate your sore nerves to face another challenging day. Starz on DIRECTV has a range of channels, which air quality content and cater for all popular entertainment genres. No wonder everyone ensures having Starz channels when they subscribe to a Cable TV provider.

Tag along to know more about Starz channels.

Starz on DIRECTV – Packed with Quality Entertainment

Starz is one of the most popular entertainment groups in the United States. The group started with the popularity of its premium movie channel. The success was so overwhelming that today the group has 16 movie channels. These channels include Starz Encore, Starz channel and so on. In the United States alone, these channels have millions of subscribers. More than 1,000 series and movies are broadcasted each month on Starz channels. All these entertainment channels also offer innovative services. Some instances are Straz HD, MoviePlex On Demand, Encore HD, Encore HD On Demand, Starz Play, Starz HD On Demand, and many others. Hence, you can’t blame people if they want channels from this gigantic entertainment group to be on their channel listing.

Have been skimming through AT&T Channel lineup and others in search of Starz channels? If yes, then let us enlighten you that AT&T’s DIRECTV airs them all in pristine picture quality. So, say goodbye to boring weekends and aimless channel surfing!


There a few Cable TV Providers in the United States, which are blindly trusted by their users. And AT&T is one of them! And for some evident reasons. In addition to the said provider, AT&T Plans also look quite promising. But if you are all for the best, DIRECTV it is! It has something fitting for the entertainment tastes and preferences of people from all generational groupings. From premium movie channels to premium sports channels, all it has to offer is quality entertainment. The prestigious customers have the liberty to choose from a good number of tailored packages. Choose from these entertainment-rich offerings. So, before you get in touch with AT&T Customer Support for any subscriptions, read a little more about what DIRECTV has to offer.

Starz Channel Lineup on Multiple states:

Following are the Starz channel numbers for different states and cities.

Channel Names South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts, California
STARZ East 525
STARZ West 526
STARZ Cinema 531
STARZ Comedy 528
STARZ Edge 529
STARZ In Black 530
STARZ Kids & Family 527
Straz Encore 535

Starz West on DIRECTV

Who wants to miss all the incredible shows and movies on Starz? The channel is aired in every serviced state on DIRECTV. This means you can always plan movie nights with your family and friends. Every day of every week, you get to enjoy amazing content. Starz West on DIRECTV has it all for you.

Starz East on DIRECTV

The fun about Starz is that it has so many entertainment-rich channels that you get something to watch on one of them. They have always something to offer. Catch the intriguing titles on Starz East on DIRECTV for an endless spree of entertainment.

Starz Kids & Family on DIRECTV

DIRECTV offers a number of quality channels that air family-friendly content. And if you have kids at home, you need to have some quality kids channels. Starz Kids & Family on DIRECTV is an amazing channel, dedicated to air content for kids and families. Catch animated movies, cartoons, and shows in HD picture quality. You kids will love them.

Starz Comedy on DIRECTV

Did you know that comedy is one of the most-watched entertainment genres in the world? People dig comedy shows and movies. In fact, nothing compares comedy when it comes to a refreshing entertainment session. Enjoy the best comedy shows and movies with Starz Comedy on DIRECTV. You are going to love the shows. And that’s a guarantee!

Starz Edge on DIRECTV

Launched in 2004, this Starz channel is primarily a movie channel. You can rely on Starz Edge on DIRECTV to plan your movie nights with your family and friends. The channel airs blockbusters of all times, both recent and old. If you are a movie lover, you can’t get enough of this channel.

Starz in Black on DIRECTV

Another recommendation of a quality movie channel that always has something promising to air! Catch Starz in Black on DIRECTV for some amazing movies and shows. No more channel surfing to find the perfect movie to spend 120 minutes watching quality entertainment. With Starz channels, you are going to get something worth watching.

Starz Cinema on DIRECTV

As the name indicates, you can make your home TV your silver screen to enjoy incredible movies with this channel. Starz Cinema on DIRECTV has the best titles for you. All you need is a bowl full of your favorite snack and you are good to go!


Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated Jan-2019

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