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What Channel is Starz on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

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Netflix and Amazon Prime changed the way we viewed TV. However, some people still like it the traditional way. The fact that the cable service providers haven’t run out of business is enough to support my claim. In my opinion, the reason why many people can’t let the option of cable TV go is that the cable tv providers have so much to offer now. You pick up any company’s packages and you will agree with my statement. I mean from the option to sit at home and watch an array of channels to get a dose of entertainment on the go, these companies have made it all possible. For example, Starz on Spectrum is an all-in-one entertainment network.

Let’s talk about a hot favorite TV network these days and what Spectrum has to offer.

Starz on Spectrum

You will get access to Starz as a part of Spectrum Triple Play Gold package. The ‘Select’ package won’t offer this option to you. Apart from that, the Gold plan offers many other premium channels as well including HBO, Showtime and Starz Encore. Talking of Starz on Spectrum, there are many reasons for you to opt for this channel. From thrilling series to engaging movies, this channel features them all and much more. Some of the popular series that you will get access to if you subscribe to the channel include originals as well as imports from other networks. You can enjoy binge-watching the following if you go for the Gold Spectrum Cable plans:

  • Take My Wife
  • Madeline
  • American Gods
  • Safe House
  • Howards End

All of this and much more on Starz on Spectrum!

In case, you have trouble finding any of the Spectrum Channel lineups from the Starz family, you can contact Spectrum Customer support. Or you can refer to the table below.

Starz Channel Lineup on Multiple states:

Channel Names Orlando, FL New York, NY Oxford, MA
Starz  288 (E) 581 (E) 606 (E)
Starz Kids & Family 291 (E) 584 (E) 614 (E)
Starz Comedy 299 (E) 586 (E) 610 (E)
Starz Edge 289 (E) 582 (E) 616 (E)
Starz in Black 290 (E) 583 (E) 608 (E)
Starz Cinema 292 (E) 585 (E) 612 (E)

Starz East on Charter

A certain confusion prevails in the minds of many that Starz East is different from Starz. However, the ‘East’ part of the name only refers to the Eastern time zone. The shows and the movies that are aired on Starz East on Charter remain the same.

Starz West on Spectrum

Similar confusion surrounds Starz West as well. Therefore, this is a platform where I would like to put an end (or try to) to the misperception. Starz West is the channel’s name or category in the West region. The content of Starz West on Spectrum remains unchanged.

However, Starz is not the only channel that forms a part of the gigantic network. There are many other channels serving to entertain people of all ages and interests.

Starz Kids & Family on Charter

Who doesn’t fancy some downtime with family? The majority would agree that they love spending time with family and kids. But they will also agree that the shows or movies that they watch in their ‘Me time’ do not qualify as family time entertainment watch. Starz, of all the channels, recognized this need of yours and offered a channel dedicated to only the family and kids. So, you do not have to show reluctance when tuning into this channel. And can choose to watch your favorite shows from the pool of many. Some of the popular movies aired on Starz Kids & Family on Charter include:

  • Cars
  • Brave
  • Tangled
  • Wreck-it Ralph

Not only this, but Starz is also there to tickle your funny bone with a channel dedicated to comedy.

Starz Comedy on Spectrum

Who doesn’t want to laugh till he drops? The person saying ‘Me’ is definitely frowned upon. So, to offer you laughter therapy, Starz Comedy on Spectrum has some really funny shows to air. These include:

  • New York’s Funniest
  • Party Down
  • The UCB Show

In case, you are up for watching some movies, you got a whole channel to yourself. They call it Starz Edge.

Starz Edge on Charter

This channel features films that aim at young adults. Say people between the ages of 18 and 34. After changing names twice, the channel is now called Starz Edge and airs a huge variety of movies. So, tuning into Starz Edge on Charter will give you access to the following:

  • The Real McCoy
  • Race to Witch Mountain
  • Redemption
  • American Chaos

The list of channels still doesn’t come to an end. There are many more channels that the network has to offer.

Starz in Black on Spectrum

The main purpose of this channel is to highlight the African/American actors. Hence, the name ‘Black.’ Therefore, all the movies that you will watch on this channel will feature black people. Some of the popular movies that you will be able to view on Starz in Black on Spectrum are:

  • Hoodlum
  • Power
  • Club Paradise

But if you wish to enjoy movies that have nothing to do with the race of the people, there’s an option for you as well.

Starz Cinema on Charter

So you can relish inviting friends over and have a good movie night. Because Starz Cinema on Charter always plays some of the good movies.


Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated 17th March-2019

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