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What Channel is TBS on Cox?

tbs on cox

Flipping through the channels, looking for TBS on Cox can be so frustrating. Especially because there are so many channels in the cox lineup. That is why searching online is the smartest thing to do. Who has the time to sit and flip through all the channels?

TBS is one of the most popular on the Cox channel lineup. The quality of programming that they offer is simply unmatchable. From comedies like the newly released, The Original O.G. to TBS staples like the Conan talk show. TBS takes its laughter therapy sessions very seriously.

But laughter is not what TBS is all about. It is also the go-to channel for sports coverage. If you’re a fan of major league baseball or even the NCAA, TBS on Cox has you covered.

Why Aren’t Channel Numbers the Same?

The reason why channel numbers aren’t the same throughout the country dates back many decades. And it’s not just with channels like TBS on Cox. It’s the same situation with others like the NFL Network.

When cable just started out, they couldn’t reach homes directly. The infrastructure didn’t exist at the time. So they appointed cable operators for every location. These operators had limited areas where they could offer cable services. And they could set channel numbers, in their area. This worked well for a while. Until larger companies, like Cox, started to offer their services directly to homes.

When larger cable companies bought out local cable operators, they decided to keep the channel numbers the same as before. This was to avoid the confusion it would cause all over the country. If everyone’s cable channel numbers suddenly changed, there would be outrage.

Where Can I Find TBS on Cox?

Even though TBS is available on different channel numbers, the programming will remain the same. You can enjoy your favorite shows on TBS at the same time as always. Unless you’re in a different time zone of course.

If you have subscribed to Cox cable packages in Santa Barbara (CA), Phoenix Metro Area (AZ), or the Rhode Island Area, then use the table below. If you are located in another area, then follow the instructions below the table.

Channel Name TBS TBS HD
Santa Barabara, CA 14 1014
Phoenix Metro Area, AZ 49 1049
Rhode Island Area, RI 45 1045

How Can I Find TBS West on Cox?

If your state is not in the list above, you can still find TBS on Cox in your area on the complete Cox channel numbers list. You just need to include the name of your area in the search.

If you are located in a different state or city, here’s how you can find TBS West on Cox:

  1. Go to the search engine of your choice
  2. In the search bar, type “What Channel is TBS on Cox in Salt Lake Utah”. Or whichever city and state you’re located in

That should give you the correct channel number for TBS in your area. You can follow the same method to find other channels like FX or HBO in your area as well.

Other ways to Access TBS

TBS on Cox is not the only way to enjoy your favorite shows. The popular channel also has an app that you can download. You can find it on Android as well as Apple app stores. Using the TBS app you can watch your favorite shows on the go. You can also catch your favorite sports live as well, including March Madness. So you can keep up with your busy schedule and never miss another game because of it.

The TBS app is free for download. You can find it on android and apple app stores. It is also available for download from third-party app stores like Amazon. If you wanted, you could also download the app from the Microsoft Store onto your Xbox.

Top TBS Must-See Shows

The Guest Book

The Guest Book has a rather different approach to comedy. It was created by Greg Garcia, the same mind that gave us My Name is Earl. Each season in the series is set in a new vacation rental property. The first season was set in Froggy Cottage, in Mount Trace. And the second season is set in Barefoot Retreat in Mabel Beach. It is a truly refreshing series and Garcia got the idea for it using his life experiences. Since it is a TBS original, you’re not going to find it on other channels like Fox and Lifetime.

Minding the Store

Minding the Store is one of the most popular reality series on TBS today. It has been running strong since 2005. The show follows the life of actor/comedian Pauly Shore. He is given the key to the family business, the Comedy Store nightclub. His mother, the former owner of the nightclub, is Mitzy Shore. The legendary comedy mentor. Pauly works to get the nightclub back on the top of the standup comedy scene. And at the same time, keeps trying to make it in Hollywood. You’re not going to be able to find a show like this on the Paramount Network.

TBS has made entertainment fun again. Its programming lineup makes it the favorite channel of millions of viewers in the US. With cox, you can also enjoy the laughter-filled programming in HD. There are easy ways you can renew your Cox services to enjoy your favorite shows. Cox bill payment is easiest using the Cox Connect App. You can use the app on your phone, tablet, or any mobile device.

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