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What Channel is TBS on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

TBS on Spectrum

What’s the most popular way to unwind after a long day? That’s right, a good dose of quality entertainment. Where do most people get this from? Cable and satellite TV remain as popular today as they were a decade ago, cord-cutters notwithstanding. However, not all cable providers are created equal. I like Charter more as a provider because I get to watch TBS on Spectrum without pesky interference.

TBS on Spectrum – The Quality Entertainment You Need

Turner Broadcasting System, or TBS as it is popularly known, is an American subscription network. Owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia Entertainment, TBS has a diverse selection of programming popular across America. It also carries special sports events coverage including the MLB and NCAA tournaments. In September 2018, the channel reached approximately 90 million subscribers. This makes it almost as popular as the Paramount Network.

While the channel primarily focuses on comedy shows, it also airs more serious dramas. A few decades ago, TBS also used to air music videos. There were 2 three-hour blocks dedicated to this every weekend. The music video segments became so popular that Turner dedicated a special, separate channel to airing music content.

TBS West on Charter – What’s the Difference?

You may have noticed a separate listing on your Spectrum cable TV channel guide for this channel. A lot of people wonder if TBS West on Charter is a separate or distinct channel. TBSW is simply the Westside version of the channel, primarily for residents on Western Time. Other than the timing of the programming, TBSW is the same as TBS.

Where Can I find TBS in My Lineup?

The actual channel numbers of most cable providers vary based on your city or state. However, in case you don’t have time to check your Spectrum channel guide, this table shows where you can find TBS and TBSW in the following states:

City, State TBS TBS W
Yuma, AZ 38
Los Angeles, CA 41
New York City, NY 8, 104
Chipley, VA 13, 1135

To the best of our knowledge, these channel numbers are accurate as per the locations, but the actual numbers may vary. Cable providers also frequently update their channel lineups. For example, if you were watching ESPN on channel position 82, it might not always stay there. It may move to a different position once the provider issues the new channel guide for the year.

What’s To Watch on TBS?

Whether you subscribe to TBS or TBS West, there is an excellent programming selection for you to enjoy. The network offers a mix of both original first-run TV shows as well as reruns of classics. Of course, there’s always the Cowboys game, but TBS currently offers the following shows among others:

American Dad!

American Dad! comes straight from the mind of animation genius Seth MacFarlane. Co-creators Matt Weitzman and Mike Barker collaborate to make this show an epic source of entertainment. Don’t be deceived by it being a cartoon, American Dad! is not for children.


The hour-long late-night show featuring host Conan O’Brien is a constant from Mondays to Thursdays every week. Celebrity guests for 4 days make for hilarious conversation, comebacks, and moments.


Originally airing on MTV UK in 2007, Wrecked is a creation of Asif Ali, Rhys Darby, and Zach Cregger. The comedy reality series involves 2 rivals every episode who participate in stunts worthy of Dirty Sanchez. The TBS reruns are still going strong.

Other Great Channels on Charter

If you think it is the extent of good entertainment on Spectrum, think again. The provider offers a diverse channel selection with each of its 3 cable TV packages. Some of the most popular channels, regardless of your package include NBC as well as ABC. Both are constant in all three cable TV packages.

What about Premium Channels?

Spectrum offers access to many premium channels including Starz, Showtime, and HBO. However, these premium channels are only available in the higher-tier packages. You can’t get them with the basic cable TV subscription.

On-Demand Content – A Massive Library at Your Disposal

Spectrum also offers access to its huge library of thousands of TV shows and movies with your cable TV subscription. While the service will require Spectrum internet to work, it grants access to all of its vast library and Pay Per View selections.

How Do I Order Spectrum?

If you feel your lackluster cable provider is not cutting it for you, now may be the time to make a switch to Spectrum. The provider has a pretty good reputation and service history. It also offers to buy you out of your existing contract for up to $500. That means no annoying early termination fees. You can also choose one out of the following three Spectrum cable bundles to get the best value for money:

  • Spectrum Triple Play Select
  • Triple Play Silver
  • Triple Play Gold

Get in touch with a service representative right away to order your Spectrum services today. Enjoy your daily dose of entertainment!

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