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TDS vs Charter Spectrum

TDS Vs Charter Spectrum Internet: Which Subscription Service is More Secure?

In this TDS vs Charter review post, we will be examining the security suites that come accompanied with both vendors’ Internet service plans. By using the information contained here, you (the potential consumer) can make a more suitable & secure subscription decision.


Today’s Internet experience is oftentimes (and on a daily basis – to be more accurate) faced with the many virtual threats posed by a variety of cybercriminals. These individuals are involved in creating malware, spyware, and other infectious applications and bots; which can collectively inflict a great deal of damage to your confidential online sessions.

Most ISPs in the U.S equip their Internet plans with third-party software security suites, to minimize the risk of cyber attacks (to a large degree as possible).

But as most Internet users are aware, no two antivirus applications are alike.

TDS vs Charter Internet: Addressing the Security Apparatus of Each Service

The Spectrum internet services come fortified with the McAfee Security Suite, which provides 24/7 antivirus, anti-hacking & anti-phishing coverage on up to 10 devices connected to the same network.

What this entails is that all your Internet exchanges remain secured from the server end. The said security apparatus also features strong parental controls, which allow parents & guardians to monitor and control the kinds of online content viewable by their impressionable young charges.

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TDS Internet plans, in contrast, are protected under the security coverage of F-Secure and offer mostly the same kinds of security attributes mentioned above.

Per an Accredited Third-Party’s Analysis

PC Magazine, as per its ‘Best Security Suites of 2018‘ annual review, ranks McAfee among the Top 10 (overall) online security service providers in the industry. F-Secure (which is a Finnish company) doesn’t make it into this list.

And this fact, in our TDS vs Spectrum estimation, is quite telling – and hints openly at the ISP that you should go for!

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