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TeamViewer Coupon Code: 20% OFF on TeamViewer Business Subscriptions!

TeamViewer coupon Code

Most businesses, even small and mid-sized enterprises, aren’t local anymore. We have the internet to thank for this. With the steady progress of technology and globalization, the world is a much smaller place. Businesses think global now. New markets are closer than ever before. The logistics of operating in several markets are not an easy bill to fit.

But if you want to keep the competitive edge, you need to get it right. You need to manage employees, networks, and operations wherever they are in the world. Just a few years ago, the prospect would seem daunting to even the most grizzled of management veterans. Luckily, TeamViewer comes in as the perfect solution to this particular obstacle.

To sweeten the deal, even more, the company is offering a one-time juicy discount with a 20% TeamViewer coupon to new customers in the U.S.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer Business is an all-in-one remote connectivity solution, to put it in very simple terms. The application offers businesses the ability to access networks, devices, and employees remotely.

TeamViewer is essentially a remote access platform that comes with powerful features. The application comes as an easy solution to remote collaboration, network access, and device management, among many other rich features. You can see how useful it is for businesses and corporations across geographical and physical limitations.

TeamViewer helps you control, monitor, and manage your business networks from anywhere in the world. It also lets you offer remote support and assistance to employees and customers across the globe. You can even deploy a cloud-based service desk to manage your business better. And you can get it today, with an exciting one-time 20% TeamViewer Coupon.

TeamViewer – Powerful and Feature-Rich

TeamViewer 14, the latest version of the application, is one of the most powerful tools in the market. When it comes to remote support, control, and collaboration, no other platform offers such a wide range of features. These features are a catalyst for boosting productivity and customer satisfaction while helping you save costs.

TeamViewer 14 helps you maintain contact with the home base while traveling. It also reduces the travel and other expenses associated with physical on-site support. The perfectionists at the company constantly improve and upgrade the features to offer the current version of TeamViewer 14. Some of these features will make you want to sign up for a subscription with a 20% TeamViewer coupon right away.

Remote Desktop Features

  • Remote Control access to any Windows 10, Android or PC device in your network.
  • Mobile Access supported so you can connect to the network using a mobile phone.
  • Cross-Platform Access across PC and mobile devices.
  • iOS Screen Sharing to better offer remote support.
  • VPN Alternative without complexities. Get secure, scalable access.
  • Secure Unattended Access to devices and servers that are unattended.
  • Remote Wake Up, Restart, and Install applications on devices running TeamViewer on your network.
  • Ergonomic Shortcuts to help you easily access prime functions.
  • Secure File Sharing that is flexible, cloud-based, and fast.
  • Scalable 4K Display Support for flawless displays on UHD screens.
  • Remote Printing from your computer to a local printer.
  • Customer Support Features such as sticky notes, SOS, etc. to make sure your customers have the support they need.

Corporate Team Features

  • Channel Groups that you can assign to specific users, making sure teams always have access to specific channels.
  • ServiceCamp Ticket Management integrates flawlessly with TeamViewer, letting you manage customer support more efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Reporting on each connection, device, and action on your network.
  • Multi-User Sessions so you can invite multiple support personal in complex remote support situations.
  • Automated Deployment across thousands of devices silently.
  • Manage and Configure individual devices with special permissions.
  • Custom Branding features so you can present your own brand identity to your users.
  • Service Queue to help you organize, manage, and assign service cases.
  • Management Dashboard to help you manage your TeamViewer connections and contacts.
  • Integration Support so you can integrate TeamViewer with the hardware and software you use.
  • Multiple Languages Supported to address technical needs in over 30 languages.

Remote Collaboration Features

  • HD Video and Voice Calling using voice over internet protocol (VoIP).
  • Multiple User Conferencing to improve remote collaboration.
  • Blizz Virtual Whiteboard to encourage collaboration among remote teams.
  • Record remote sessions and store them in compressed formats to save space.
  • Manage your TeamViewer connections and contacts centrally.
  • Text Chat functions for groups, teams, and customer-initiated chats.

Monitoring and Security Features

  • Remote Monitoring from one dashboard of all your websites, servers, devices, and networks.
  • Remote Backups of your data that is restorable in the event of a disaster.
  • Reliable Malware Protection against worms, Trojans, spyware, viruses, rootkits, and ransomware.
  • End-to-End security across all your devices and networks on TeamViewer.

When you get all these features at a great price, there is no reason to let this offer get away. If you sign up for the service today, you can take advantage of the 20% TeamViewer Coupon. If you’re committed to running an efficient, global business, TeamViewer is the way to go.

How Do I Subscribe to TeamViewer?

By now, you’re probably itching to get your TeamViewer subscription. The company currently offers three subscription plans. Each plan offers several features included as well as a number of features that you can choose to add on. The three plans are the Single User Plan, the Multi-User Plan, and the For Teams Plan. Details on each TeamViewer license follow below.

Single User Plan

The Single User plan works on one seat for one session. The business license allows one user to connect a session at a time. The plan bills you annually for a 12 month period, offering numerous useful features in return. The Single User plan features include:

  • Remote access and control over computers.
  • Custom branding modules.
  • Flexible file sharing options.
  • Remote printing on any printer for Windows or Mac.
  • Device management for up to 200 devices.
  • Secure access to unattended computers and devices.
  • Device management and app customization.
  • Cross-device access to desktop PCs.

The plan also comes with several optional add-on features that include:

  • TeamViewer Pilot.
  • ServiceCamp.
  • Mobile Device Support.

Multi-User Plan

The Multi-User plan is currently the company’s most popular plan, mainly because of the value it offers. The plan covers multiple seats and offers up to 1 open session at a time. The premium license lets multiple users initiate device connections. Like the other Single User plan, you get billed for the Multi-User plan annually. This plan includes ALL the features that come with the Single User Plan, in addition to:

  • Device management for up to 300 devices.
  • User access reports.
  • Customized device information.

Like the Single User plan, there you can add on additional optional features including:

For Teams Plan

This annual plan comes with a premium license and all the associated bells and whistles. The For Teams plan has all the features of the Single User and Multi-User plans. It also comes with powerful premium features which include:

  • Multiple simultaneous sessions.
  • Device access reports.
  • Mass silent deployment.
  • Pre-built software integrations.
  • Device management for up to 500 devices.

You can also add on the following features to this plan:

  • Extra simultaneous users.
  • TeamViewer Pilot.
  • ServiceCamp.
  • Mobile support.

The Bottom Line

You probably understand now how TeamViewer is an appropriate solution for your global workplace. If you are still looking for more reasons to become part of the TeamViewer family, here are a few:

  • Over 400,000 new downloads every day.
  • Trusted by over 1.8 billion devices worldwide.
  • More than 40 million flawless sessions every day.
  • Secured by McAfee and ComodoSecure.
  • Better Business Bureau and AICPA SOC approved.

To make the best of an already great offer, check out the U.S. only discount. Get a one-time only, 20% TeamViewer discount coupon for new customers in the United States. Bring your global workplace closer together and manage it more efficiently with TeamViewer. Stay tuned for this blog for more information on TeamViewer, discounts, and deals.

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