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The Best AWP Under $100 — AWP | Man-o’-War

Best AWP Under $100

The awp man o war skin is one of the most popular AWP skins. This rifle is a very powerful weapon in CS:GO. Naturally, the damage from a shot is really crushing, so many people want to own such weapons. As ever, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is This Weapon?

The advantages of the AWP include lethal damage, high penetration and excellent accuracy at long distances.

Now, it is worth dwelling on the shortcomings, which also exist.

AWP disadvantages:

  • low rate of fire — between shots, the time interval is approximately 1.5 seconds;
  • very loud and clear shot sound;
  • greatly slows down the speed of movement;
  • low kill bounty;
  • very inaccurate when shooting without zoom and when shooting on the move;
  • less accuracy when shooting immediately after jerking the shutter.

With such a weapon, aiming at the head is not at all necessary, it will be enough to hit the chest. Such a hit will also be fatal, unless the bullet loses some of its damage when passing through an obstacle.

Naturally, if the enemy is hiding behind cover, then you need to aim at the head in order to make an instant “minus one”.

Skilled players use wall-bang tactics (shooting through walls, partitions, boxes, gates and other obstacles) to inflict significant or fatal damage to opponents. Even a hit to the head through an obstacle cannot protect you from serious injury. Such moments are worth training for, and not everyone will be able to kill an opponent under such circumstances.

It is worth noting that you should not aim at the legs, as this damage will not be fatal. If this happens at medium and close range, quickly draw your gun to finish off the enemy.

An important point: while moving, the shooting accuracy will not be perfect. It is best to aim at the enemy while standing or sitting to have a greater chance of causing maximum damage to the opponent.

When shooting at a moving target, you should aim slightly ahead of the target, in the direction of its movement. In this case, one should predict where the target will be half a second after the shot.

Try to use cover whenever the bolt jiggles between shots. This will prevent the enemy from attacking you. In this case, the attack can be from unexpected flanks for you.

AWP | Man-o’-war Skin

The Man-o’-war skin has an average price among the skins of this sniper rifle. Blue paint has been applied to the surface of the stock, receiver, handguard and trigger guard as a background. Various swirl patterns are on the surface of the background using gold paint. The rest is unpainted. Now, about paint wear. This skin only has two exteriors: Minimal Wear and Field-Tested. The difference lies in the small but noticeable abrasions on the stock and forend of the rifle.


  • from $28 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $26 for Field-Tested.

You can see that this is a good price for such a skin.

Where Should I Buy the Skin?

Buying a skin can take place on the official developer platform — Steam — or from other users or platforms. However, it is worth understanding certain nuances.

It is not possible to withdraw money on the Steam platform. Therefore, in this case, you will not be able to earn real money by buying or selling skins. This can be done on other platforms that provide such a function, but you need to understand that all financial transactions should be done only on trusted sites that have a good reputation, numerous skins and positive reviews from many users.

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