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Get a Surround Sound to Work with Time Warner Cable Set-Top Box

Time Warner Cable Box Cost

We understand that not everyone likes to go to the cinema. Instead, some people prefer to bring the entire cinematic experience to the unparalleled comfort of their home settings.

After all, what could be better than having your very own Home Theater system set-up within your living room or lounge – with the advantage of watching a Movie or TV show completely on your own terms?

Surround Sound availability is an essential component of any Home Theater experience.

Without crisp and forceful sounds, even the most graphically-intense of Hollywood productions would be reduced to nothing more entertaining that typical Saturday night TV. Fortunately for Time Warner Cable customers, the company’s authorized range of Set-Top Boxes (which are required for accessing its Cable TV plans content) allow connections to Surround Sound receivers effortlessly.

In order to get Surround Sound to work with your Time warner cable Box (STB), simply plug in a connecting wire into your box’s Digital Audio Output port (commonly located on the backside of the device) – and lead it into a corresponding port on the Surround Sound receiver.

In some cases, a digital adapter may be required as an intermediary between a STB and a Sound Receiver.

How Much Does a Time Warner Cable Box Cost?

In order to enjoy Time Warner Cable’s Cable TV services, it is important to first obtain a set-top box device from an authorized third-party vendor. These boxes can be obtained through lease from the company (with a monthly service rent charge added to the regular subscription price), or they can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

When TWC recognized Set-Top Boxes are attained through lease alongside its TV service plans, the company provides troubleshooting support for common user complaints & queries relating to the hardware equipment.

Time Warner Cable Box Types & Prices

The 4 most common types of Cable Boxes recommended for use with TWC TV service plans include the Scientific Atlanta HDTV Cable Explorer 8300HDC (priced at $94), the Cisco Explorer 4640HDC (priced at $99), the Motorola DCX3400M (priced at $150), and the Samsung SMT-H3262 (priced at $96).

TWC recommends that you only use its authorized Time Warner Cable Box devices with its TV subscription plans.

Note: The Prices mentioned here are only approximate figures, and may vary from those actually claimed by different retailers.

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