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What Channel is TNT on DIRECTV?

What Channel is TNT on DIRECTV?

Gone are the days when the definition of entertainment was having access to a couple of channels and a few shows to watch. With passing time, more and more cable TV companies launched. And more channels with an unlimited amount of entertainment made it to our TV screens. Today, the options are numerous. But the busy lifestyle does not allow one to stick to one place and spend hours watching seasons. However, whenever you do get the time, channels like TNT on DIRECTV or Fox on DIRECTV are one of the best options to resort to for entertainment.

TNT on DIRECTV- What All is in Store!

TNT is an entertainment channel that is part of the huge network- Turner International. In case, you are not familiar with the name, you might have heard of Cartoon Network. Other prominent channels that are part of the Turner International network include Boomerang and CNN. The focus, however, is on TNT. So, talking about the channel, you will be amazed to learn the variety that it has to offer. Some of the most popular shows that air on the channel includes:

  • I am the Night
  • Claws
  • The Alienist
  • Cold Justice

Apart from this, some rather interesting shows are coming up on the channel as well. These include ‘Tell Me Your Secrets,’ that is a story revolving around three characters. Each one of them has had a struggling past. It will be an engaging watch for you to see the events unfold as the drama continues.

Apart from that, you can also get excited about ‘Raised by Wolves.’ This rather unique show will leave you awestruck when you watch human children living on some unknown virgin planet. What will make it all the more relatable is the fact that our society these days is struggling with the differences over religion etc?

Not only this, but you can also tune into CBS on DIRECTV if you have the subscription to the company’s packages. So, do not think that TNT on DIRECTV is the only entertainment channel that the company has to offer. You can also get access to the other channels that the Turner International network has to offer. For example, truTV. It also has some of the best shows to air. The list includes ‘Those Who Can’t’ and ‘Miracle Workers.’ Apart from that, you will also get access to all the animated characters on Cartoon Network. Not to forget Boomerang as well.

DIRECTV gives you access to all sorts of entertainment options. You just need to select the right package that suits your needs.

TNT Channel Line-up:

Here is the channel number where you can find TNT on in different states.

Channel Name Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Newark

DIRECTV Packages- What do I Pick!

There is not just one but six packages that you can select from. Each package varies according to the number of channels available and the price that you will have to pay. The packages that you can choose from include:

  • Select
  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Xtra
  • Ultimate
  • Premier

TNT on DIRECTV is available in all the above-mentioned six packages. So, you can choose accordingly. Because TNT is not the only channel that you would be looking forward to subscribing to. You would definitely want others like ESPN on DIRECTV or the like. Therefore, you will have to make the choice accordingly. You can either visit the website or call the customer service reps. They will guide you accordingly.

Who Answers the Queries?

If you opt for DIRECTV as your choice for a cable TV network, you won’t be disappointed. AT&T Customer service happens to be one of the best in the States. The efficient reps will guide you through the whole selection process and recommend the perfect service that suits your needs.

It is not just about selecting the most appropriate package according to the channel requirements. You can even ask them about the AT&T Fiber availability in your area. And they will be happy to help. The advantage of subscribing to Fiber Internet is that you can watch all these channels including TNT, ESPN, CBS, Fox and Freeform on the app as well. You can access the DIRECTV app even when on-the-go and keep yourself entertained.

So, if you wish to watch your favorite show that is about to air on TNT or the much-awaited sports match on ESPN, the Internet and cable TV subscription go hand-in-hand.


Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated March-2019

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