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What Channel is TV One On Spectrum?

What Channel is TV One on Spectrum

No better network represents the black culture and entertainment better than TV one. From movies, music, classic series, comedy, to reality shows, it’s a powerhouse of suitable programming. The great news is this network is available on Spectrum. Be prepared to catch all the top productions aired by TV One on Spectrum.

The Origin of TV One

TV One is owned by Urban One. This network’s programming targets African American adults. It’s a mixture of documentaries, entertainment series, lifestyle, sitcoms, news concerts, movies, as well as some musical shows.

The channel had the privilege to launch on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This was a proud moment for every black individual. The goal of this network was to tell stories of the lives of African Americans. It’s doing a laudable job of living up to this mission. The target audience of the network is the black urban and millennials. Just like FS1 is every sports enthusiasts’ go-to channel, TV One is the go-to channel of all African Americans and others who love it, of course.

What Channel is TV One on Charter Spectrum?

You don’t have to be African American to develop a taste in TV One. It’s a channel for every entertainment seeker whether they are black or not. Spectrum with its range of channel lineup has gone to great lengths to provide each household in America with the best entertainment options. If you are a subscriber, simply explore your Spectrum channel guide to tune in to TV One.

To find TV one on Charter, check out the table below:

Channel Name

Culver City, West LA Central Florida, Orlando
TV One 184



The channel number might vary based on your location. In case you are unable to find TV One on Spectrum cable, call customer support at 1-844-813-5886 for help.

Trending Shows on TV One

Want to know what’s new on TV One? No need to do all the legwork yourself to find what’s trending. Here’s are five most talked-about shows airing on the channel these days:

Fatal Attraction

This isn’t the 1987s Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. This documentary series by TV One debuted in 2013. Currently, its 9th season is premiering.

The series features non-fiction narratives of crimes. This programming is edited in a documentary style. It explores the consequences of a romance that causes the parties involved to commit heinous acts of crimes in the name of love. Each episode brings forward testimonials with haunting cinematography followed by interrogations illustrating the crime.

The series gets intense with every progressing episode. You might have to take a break to digest everything. Whenever you get overwhelmed, tune in to BTN and watch football for a little breather.

ATL Homicide

If you have got a thing for crime shows, this one’s going to truly glue you to your couch. The best part is it’s based on true crime. Two Homicide detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez from the Atlanta PD are sharing the grittiest crime stories of their careers.

The detectives also share their personal experiences while solving these crimes. Together, the duo has solved several cold cases which include everyday crimes as well as murder mysteries. You will feel as if everything is happening in real-time.


Music lovers are going to enjoy Unsung. It’s a documentary series that walks the audience through the struggles of soul artists as well as R&B performers from the past decades. The show features interviews with musicians talking about the highs and lows of their careers.

Each episode starts with the upbringing of the artists. Then it moves onto the trials they have encountered and reaching to the big break of their music career. The episode finally ends showing the downward trend in the career of these artists.

Unsung is inspirational and motivating. It’s also gloomy at times. If you are looking for something real and worthy to watch, this show is most recommended on the list. The quality of this show is comparable to that of shows on Paramount Network.

Rickey Smiley For Real

It’s a show about Rickey Smiley, comedian and radio show hosts. It’s an unscripted series that you will develop a real appreciation for. The show takes you through the career and personal life of a single father. It perfectly resonates with the black audience who also have faced the same struggles.


If you often find yourself digging up celebrity love life, Uncensored is jack packed with all the news. It’s a docu-series exploring the intimate lives of notable black celebrities starting from Snoop Dogg, Tyra Banks, Rick Ross, to Nia Long, and so many others. The juicy part is these stars narrate the stories themselves. Be careful because the show is highly obsessive.

Certainly, these juice shows must have developed your interest in TV One. In case you haven’t yet explored this amazing channel, tune in to TV One on Spectrum today and pick your favorite shows to watch.

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