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What Channel is Univision on Spectrum?

what channel is univision on spectrum

Do you like to watch Spanish channels but run out of options? Do not worry as Univision contains all Spanish content for Latinos. You will love every bit of Univision on Spectrum if you subscribe to the company’s services. Not only will you relish watching telenovelas on the channel but some amazing drama series will keep you entertained too. Apart from that, the channel offers everything that others too including news, sports, reality series, and sitcoms.

Why Get Univision Channel on Spectrum?

When it comes to Spanish channels, not many options are available. Thus, making the Latinos feel singled out. While English-speaking people can relish watching the news on CNN and movies on Lifetime all the time, Latinos do not have that experience. During such circumstances, having a Spanish channel that features everything and has quality content is a blessing in disguise.

The best part is that the channel is available almost in all areas where the Latin community resides. In case you remain worried that the channel won’t provide any family-related content, you should know that children’s programs are also available.

Moreover, one of the most amazing features that the channel offers is the English subtitles. This means that not only Spanish speaking but others who do not understand the language can relish watching the channel as well.

What Channel is Univision on Spectrum?

If you wish to subscribe to the channel and want to make it easy for yourself to tune into it once you turn on the TV, then the following table will help you. Here is a table stating Univision on Spectrum channel number for various states. Thus, making it easy for you to find it.

New York California Florida Pennsylvania
Univision 41 12 18 42

Shows Worth Watching

When it comes to entertaining yourself with TV channels, most people prefer Spectrum Premium channels as they offer high-quality content. However, for Latinos, Univision is their premium channel. And rightfully so. Airs some of the best shows (including reality) and telenovelas. Here is a list of all of the prominent ones that you should watch too:

Al Punto

Airing since 2007, Al Punto is a talk show that you can watch every Sunday morning. The host for the show is Jorge Ramos. From 2007-2012, the show aired on Telemundo. However, you can now watch the show on Univision. If you are thinking of it as just another talk show, then you should re-consider. Because it is the first-ever Spanish talk show that features presidential debates. And you will catch senators along with chairpersons as the guests on the show.

As far as the content is concerned, the guests discuss and address the issues that the Latin community is facing in the United States. You can find similar shows on HGTV as well.


Next on the list is Rubi. It is a reboot series that premiered in 2004 with the same name. The first season of the series aired from January-February 2020, having a total of 26 episodes. The cast for the show includes Ela Velden, Camila Sodi, Jose Ron, Kimberly Dos Ramos, and Rodrigo Guirao.

You would love the story that revolves around a journalist who convinces this woman (Rubi) to narrate her life story. What intrigues the journalist is the dark mansion that Rubi lives in and the rather suspicious life that she has.

Aquí y Ahora

This is a newsmagazine show that airs on Univision on Sundays. Airing since 1998, the show gained much attention in 2012 after it featured an investigation. The investigation revolved around the Fast and Furious scandal. Later, the show even bagged a Peabody Award for the same reason. What started as a quarterly edition turned into a weekly one in 2000.

Apart from the Peabody Award, the show received many prestigious journalism awards. Mostly because of some of the special investigations that it featured.

Although CW channel airs some investigative shows as well, Aquí y Ahora takes the lead when it comes to featuring any such investigations.

Which Package Should I Subscribe To?

Having discussed all the famous shows, you should also know that only some particular packages offer the Univision channel. So, if you go for Spectrum Triple Play or double play deals, opt for silver or gold packages. As they are the only ones offering Univision.


Is Univision on Spectrum?

Yes, it is.

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