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Using a VPN Service With Spectrum – Complete Guide

using VPN with Spectrum

Spectrum is a popular name in the Internet industry. The provider is offering more than just Internet service, it also offering voice and cable TV services. Although the company provides an Internet security suite with its Internet plans, yet many people wish they had more online protection. To spoof your online activities, a VPN has a great role to play.

Does a VPN Work With Spectrum?

Yes, it does. A VPN readily connects with all Charter Spectrum offers related to the Internet.  You can either install it on your device (smartphone or PC) and connect it every time you go online or you may set it up on your router and secure all the devices that connect to the Internet in a single go.

But what’s a VPN and why should you use it with Spectrum? Read on to find the answer:

What’s a VPN?

Also known as a Virtual Private Network, a VPN is a service that lets you secure your network connection. It was primarily designed for unsecured networks. It masks your browsing activities and location so that no unauthorized user can access it.

The use of a VPN is common in the corporate world but you can also use it with your Spectrum Home Wi-Fi to make your connection secure at home.

Why Use VPN with Spectrum?

A secure Internet connection is not the only reason why people choose to use a VPN with their network. Let’s have a look at why:


You must already know about these practices. Lots of hackers out there track IP addresses of users, track down their online activities, and get paid to disclose their information. They are noticing your browsing activities, online shopping behavior, your favorite websites, and even emails.

A VPN can ensure all your online activities remain private. It works by masking your IP address and change the location of the server.


Every internet service provider uses a practice called throttling. They reduce the speed of the internet on a regular basis. It’s done so subtly no can barely notice.

ISP throttling is the practice of applying bandwidth restrictions as well as to monitor the traffic. Even Charter does that. This could impact your browsing experience. Using a VPN, you can mask your identity and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of IPS throttling. Your Internet speed will remain intact because your ISP can’t track your location.

Access Blocked Websites

Some websites are blocked within our country. For instance, if you try to access an Australian website from the USA, it might be blocked in your country. With a VPN, you can say goodbye to this problem. Just connect to the VPN, pick Australia from the location, and then you are ready to access blocked content.

How to Use VPN with Spectrum?

Now let’s get to the bottom of it. How to use VPN with Spectrum Internet for students or any other plan you have subscribed to.

Spectrum allows its users to connect to a VPN for making their Internet connection secure. Pick a VPN and install it on your PC. Connect to the VPN and then use the web freely.

Normally, you have to connect to the VPN every time you want to use the Internet. To make it easier on yourself, some users prefer installing a VPN on their router. This way, there’s no need to manually connect to the VPN. Plus, all devices connected to the Internet automatically first establish a connection with the VPN and then connect to the web.

How to Set Up a VPN on Your Router?

Wondering how it’s done? It’s very easy. Here are the steps:

  • Download the VPN which supports router connection.
  • Check if your router supports VPN
  • Log into your router’s setting
  • Take the help of the router’s manual
  • Enter the IP address in the search bar
  • Enter your login details
  • Configure the router
  • Redirect the traffic to the VPN server
  • Look into the manual for help
  • Once configured, test it

Pros and Cons 

Have a look at the pros and cons of using a VPN with your Internet:

The Pros

  • Secure connection
  • No data throttling
  • Access any website
  • Mask your browsing activities
  • Change server location

The Cons

  • Configuring the VPN service on a router is hard
  • Firewalls can remove the concealing

Recommended VPNs to Use with Spectrum

What are the most recommended VPNs one can use with Spectrum internet service? Before you settle for any, it is suggested to use a premium VPN. They are safer as compared to free ones and they let you choose from a variety of server locations.

Now let’s look into our options:


It is one of the best VPNs out there when it comes to privacy protection. It has more than 1800 servers. It is also compatible with routers. It’s a premium VPN so feel free to use it. The price is affordable and it also comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. Even if there is huge network traffic it ensures you enjoy fast speed and steady connection.


It’s another great premium VPN. It is known as the fastest VPN in the world and it’s extremely user friendly. It has a smart location function that makes sure a quick and steady connection is established. You can also install it on your router.

Express VPN is a bit expensive but if you buy their one year deal, you might be able to avail a discount.


It may not be one the best VPNs out there but it works with Spectrum. It is very fast and comes with industry-standard encryption. Having 700+ servers in America, you should be able to use this service without any trouble.


Downloading and installing a VPN is simple. Once you have connected to the VPN, you can even use your Internet to stream your favorite channel on Spectrum TV Essentials package without worrying about the buffering speed.

A good VPN is sure to make your experience smooth!

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