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A Comprehensive Guide on Verizon Jetpack Device

verizon jetpack device

Technology is advancing in every field and telecom is no exception. The competition in the telecom industry has become fiercer in recent years. As a result, wireless internet emerged as a milestone and is now a leading sector. Verizon Jetpack promises to take your wireless internet experience to another level!

If you look at this niche market, you will witness a new high-tech device with lofty claims of performance launching every other day. If it’s really true in its claims, it soon becomes a popular choice because people are technology-hungry.

People need faster, efficient, and more effective devices. They are willing to make the switch if the offered device/service is true to its claims. Verizon is a trusted name in the United States among ISPs. Let’s discuss its jetpack and all that it has to offer.

What Is a Verizon Jetpack?

Before we discuss this, let’s take a look at what exactly is a jetpack device. For the uninitiated, the jetpack is a more advanced form of mobile hotspot. It lets you connect to multiple devices.

Unlike the hotspot feature that is built-in in smartphones and tablets, the Jetpack device is a separate tool. It allows you to share your internet network with other devices without relying on cables and wires.

The list of multiple connected devices includes all those with a Wi-Fi feature. For instance, smartphones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, cameras, netbooks, gaming consoles, LED screens, smart home devices, and so on.

Difference between a Jetpack and Other Devices

A Jetpack device is portable and comes in a handy size. It is more efficient than most of the other internet devices. Its portability allows you to carry it anywhere you go, unlike your Wi-Fi router that is stuck in your home.

Jetpack devices are advanced and multifunctional. They operate as both, a mobile hotspot and a USB modem. Unlike the Wi-Fi router, you don’t need a power outlet or a connection cable.

A jetpack device is also different from USB modems, PC cards, and Express cards. Because all of them are used with notebook computers only and need a physical connection to function. Furthermore, they can only connect with a single notebook at a time.

Jetpack devices offer enhanced coverage and you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Features of Verizon Jetpack

Verizon has embraced this futuristic and cutting-edge technology. They have launched their own jetpack and it is becoming popular among users. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer:


Worried about having your network speeds affected? This jetpack shares your Verizon internet Wi-Fi with multiple devices without affecting the bandwidth. Verizon FiOS Internet packages have different speed tiers and your speed will not be affected by using the jetpack.

Privacy and Security

A jetpack is more secure than your mobile phone’s hotspot. Also, you are not bound to stick to one spot to share your jetpack, unlike mobile phone hotspots. Sharing your internet connection is easier.


This Jetpack device has its own battery with reasonable battery life. It doesn’t drain the battery of your tablet or smartphone.


You can connect to as many devices as you want. This is a clear difference between a jetpack and a mobile hotspot. The number of connected devices is up to 10-15 with the jetpack that Verizon offers.

Usage Guide

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use to a jetpack device. But knowing the basics will help using the device smoothly. The jetpack comes with two operating modes. And connectivity is different for both of them.

You have the liberty to choose from Verizon Jetpack plans according to your needs. Let’s see how different modes work.

USB Tethered Mode

You can use your jetpack with a USB cable. This will grant internet access to your devices. Once you connect the USB cable connection, the Wi-Fi capability of your jetpack will be disabled. Plug it into a power charger and it will automatically enable the Wi-Fi mode.

If you are considering investing in a jetpack, go for the newer models. For instance, Verizon 5G Mi-Fi® M1000 Hotspot and the Verizon Jetpack® Mi-Fi® 8800L. they enable both, Wi-Fi connection and USB tethered connection simultaneously.

Wi-Fi Mode

Wi-Fi mode is used more often and us more efficient. Since it doesn’t require any cable or wired connection, it is easier to use. You can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Modifying Settings

If you want to modify the settings, go to http://my.jetpack and change settings according to your preferences. From the list of Jetpack plans, you can switch to any,  if your current plan is not suiting your needs.

You can also visit Verizon’s online store to shop for their data plans, Jetpack devices. They also offer the option of Verizon bill pay online to make it convenient and easy for the customers.

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