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Viasat Unlimited Gold 30 Mbps

Viasat Unlimited Gold 30 Mbps

Viasat Exede is delivering fast upload and download speed and offering a variety of speed tiers for users to take advantage of the service according to their connectivity needs. Find everything about the key features, pricing, and speeds of one of their packages, Viasat Unlimited Gold 30.

Established in 2012, Exede is a subsidiary of Viasat and has been providing pristine satellite internet to its users. Since it’s a satellite-powered internet, the service coverage area is substantial and their packages are instantly available to you. With this Viasat gold package, you wouldn’t be disappointed with your internet experience. You can also choose from a wide variety of speed tiers offered from Bronze 12, Silver 12, Gold 12, Bronze 25, Silver 25, Gold 30, Gold 50, and a whopping Platinum 100!

Let’s discuss the Gold 30 plan!

Pricing Details of Viasat Unlimited Gold 30

This Internet-only has a monthly billing of $100 a month. This is the introductory price for three months and it will go up to $150 after that. Let’s take a quick look at the pricing and other features of this Internet Provider’s package.

Features Viasat Unlimited Gold 30
Total Price $100 a month
Pricing after 3 months $150 a month
Data Caps No monthly data cap
Data Usage Threshold (purchased after Feb 13, 18) 100 GB
Data Usage Threshold (purchased prior to Feb 13, 18) 150 GB

Viasat Gold Package Details

This is to be noted that the Gold Exede plan offers a speed of 30 Mbps at max and it is only available in select areas. You can also run an Internet speed test to figure out the accurate speed that you will get.

Here are some of the other features, which may be useful for you:

Features Viasat Gold Package
Connection type Satellite
 Download  Speed Up to 30 Mbps
Modem type BYO Modem
Contract type 24-Month Contract
 Video Streaming Quality High-definition, typically as much as 720p
Installation Fee Free for new customers (varied price based on location)
Contract and Price Lock Price lock guarantee of 2 years
Free data use Available in specified hours
SpeedBoost Available with a built-in Wi-Fi router
EasyCare Service Available
Technical Support via phone Available 24/7 with step-by-step troubleshooting
Modem options

Use your own or Equipment leasing option available.

Usage Level Monitoring Available


Full Cost Breakdown of Exede Gold 30

If you still find the pricing info vague, here is a complete cost breakdown of the package.

Pricing Details Exede Gold 30
Total Price $100 a month (introductory)
Pricing after 3 months $150 a month
Installation Fees Installation Fee $99.99 (normal)
Installation Fee in certain areas $149.99 (depending on the area)
Available deal  Get a $50 Visa debit prepaid card (available in select areas to new residential customers)
Upfront price monthly $99.99 a month
Total monthly price $100.00 a month


$9.99 a month

Wi-Fi Modem/Router


Modem/Router Options

Viasat Unlimited Gold 30 has various modem and router options.

  • If you have your own modem, you will not be charged at all.
  • If you want to pay upfront for the whole contract time, it is $299.99.
  • If you want to pay a monthly price for the modem, the price is $9.99 a month.
  • You can also avail of a prepaid plan of 2 years or a lifetime, one-time fee payment option.

Installation Options (Modem and Satellite)

  • The installation fee varies according to different locations.
  • Professional installation services are available and they are quick and easy.
  • Certified technicians do the installation process.
  • They ensure that your service is up and running.
  • They are trained to provide a strong and clear satellite connection.
  • Typically, it takes 2-3 hours for the whole installation process with the satellite dish.

Excess Data Usage

Most of the plans by this Satellite internet service have no data limits. The data usage threshold varies for the Gold 30 plan according to the time of subscription.

  • If you have subscribed to the package on or after Feb 13, 2018, the limit is 100 GB.
  • If you have subscribed to the package before Feb 13, 2018, the limit is 150 GB.
  • If the network is not too congested, you will not experience any speed lags even if you have reached your data usage threshold.

You can also browse through the range of Liberty Internet plans, offered by Viasat. They are also good options to consider for satellite internet users.

Differences between Viasat Bronze 25 & Gold 30 Unlimited

If you are looking up the features of various Viasat unlimited plans, you are playing smart. Scrutinize the offered features comprehensively before subscribing to a package. Check out the features of two popular plans below:

Features Viasat Bronze 25 Viasat Gold Package 30
Download Speed Up to 25 Mbps Up to 30 Mbps
Connection type Satellite Satellite
Total monthly price $50 a month (for 3 months) $100 a month (for 3 months)
Price after 3 months $70 a month $150 a month
Data Caps No data caps No data caps
Modem Type BYO Modem BYO Modem
Contract period 24 months 24 months


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You can also avail the facility of Viasat bill pay online and save yourself the hassle of paying visits to their outlets.


Prices and availability depend upon your location. These packages were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 24th Dec-2019.

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