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Simple Ways to Solve Spectrum Streaming Buffer

spectrum streaming buffer

Great Internet speed is crucial to manage remote working and stay entertained. So, you might have subscribed to a reliable Internet service like Charter Internet by dialing Spectrum customer care number. And you might be enjoying super-fast download and upload speeds. But sometimes, unwanted interruptions and outage issues can easily spoil your smooth streaming experience. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can get rid of the buffer and interruption issues. Some of them are:

Check Your Internet Speed

The first step to resolve the buffer issue is to check whether you are getting the advertised speeds. If you are a subscriber of the Internet assist package, ask your representative whether you are getting 30 Mbps speeds.

You can also take a speed test online. If you are not getting the advertised speeds, you can opt for several options. These options can help you resolve the speed-related issues easily and effectively.

Close Unnecessary Applications

You might not realize it. But the unwanted apps running in the background might be slowing down your streaming. These apps can take up a significant amount of data. And thus can make it difficult for you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

So, you might also be streaming a TV show that might require high bandwidth. So, you should close all these applications beforehand. You can also check speeds before and after closing the applications. This will allow you to determine how much bandwidth do these applications require.

Reboot Your Router

If you want to enjoy a smooth TV stream on the Charter app, then you need great Internet speed as well. Sometimes, you might not be able to enjoy great speeds because of router issues. So, the easiest way to fix these issues is to restart your router.

You can restart it by pressing the power button on the back of the router twice. If the router is mounted on a wall, you can reboot it online. Just visit the ISP’s official page. Enter your login credentials. Go to settings and reboot the router. Wait for a few seconds. Reconnect the Wi-Fi on your device. See if the speeds have improved or not.

Find the Right Spot for Your Router

Sometimes, a wrong spot for your router can also prevent you from enjoying smooth streaming. You can use a Wi-Fi analyzer to generate a heat map of your home. This will help you in finding the right spot for your router. Make sure that you place it on something above the ground. Also, make sure that you don’t place any electronics near it.

Install Updates

Another reason for a slow Internet connection might be outdated software. So, you should check whether updates are available for your router. If they are, then you can contact your ISP and ask about them. You can ask your ISP to update your device. Or you can install updates on your own. Updating the router will significantly improve the connection speeds.

Restart Your Device

You might have subscribed to the most reliable Internet plans. But you still might not be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. Sometimes, the problem might be with your device. So, you should scan your system for viruses or other harmful programs. Getting rid of them will significantly improve the speeds. Make sure to restart your device after doing all this. Only then, the changes will take effect.

Keep Electronics Away From Your Router

The waves from the electronic devices at your home can interfere with the router signals. This interference can slow down the speeds and cause buffering. So, make sure that you don’t place a TV or microwave near the router. Sometimes, even walls can significantly impact the signal strength.

The best thing you can do is to buy a Wi-Fi analyzer. Check which electronics or other things are interfering with the router signals. And after determining all this, place your router at the ideal spot.

Stream at a Different Time

If you are on a budget, you might have to stick to the same package. So, the one thing you can do to enjoy uninterrupted streaming is to stream at a different time. During the daytime, the network might be too crowded.

So, you can stream the TV shows and movies in the evening or at night. You’ll be able to enjoy better speeds in this way. You can also set up a schedule to download movies at night. In this way, the movies will only take a few hours to download.

Change the Channel

Finally, some network channels are more crowded than the other ones. So, you should check whether you are also using an overcrowded channel or not. If the answer is yes, then you should immediately change the channel. You should also prefer a 5 GHz band over the 2.4 GHz band. This is because the 5 GHz band is generally less overcrowded.

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