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What Channel is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?

The Weather Channel on DIRECTV

It gets extremely annoying when you plan a trip and the weather decides to have a mood swing. Although the weather forecast is available on numerous websites and channels, at times the weather does not sync with our plans. If you are a DIRECTV subscriber, then the Weather Channel on DIRECTV gives a very accurate forecast. You can tune into the channel or can opt to have a look at the website by the same name. Almost all AT&T plans offer the Weather Channel. You can still confirm before subscribing to any.

You will be at an advantage if you subscribe to the channel.

Weather Channel on DIRECTV- Your Ultimate Weather Guide!

The Weather Channel is originally an American pay television channel. Not only does the channel broadcast weather forecasts but it also keeps you posted with all weather-related news. The channel also aims at providing the viewers with weather analysis reports. Apart from that, it airs documentaries and some entertainment shows related to weather as well. So, it is not all that boring to tune into the Weather Channel on DIRECTV after all.

The channel makes use of special proprietary equipment that enables them to learn more about the current as well as future weather conditions. It also inserts information related to weather alerts that the National Weather Service or Storm Prediction Center issue.

You will be able to view the Weather Channel in Latin America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France as well as Germany. It only operates with different names in these regions. Not only this but the channel also has weather stations in some of the prestigious national universities in the States and other countries. These include MIT, University of California, Lancaster University and the University of Oxford, to name a few.

Channel lineup on the Different States:

In case you are planning to subscribe to the channel in the near future, here is the channel number you can find it on in different states.

Channel Name Boston, Massachusetts, New York, Portland, Oregon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Weather Channel 362

Not only this, but you can also subscribe to other entertaining channels like TBS on DIRECTV too. The channel choice depends on your taste. All you need to do is select the best package for yourself. DIRECTV has some of the best deals and packages to offer to the subscribers. The company also offers some of the most prominent channels as a part of the cable service packages. This includes CNN.

In case, you want to learn more about the packages that DIRECTV offers, here’s your comprehensive guide.

DIRECTV Packages – Choose the Best for Yourself

DIRECTV offers some of the best packages that include an array of premium channels as well. By subscribing to any of the packages, you will get access to premium channels like ESPN. However, the number depends on the package you opt for. Following is a list of all the packages that DIRECTV offers.

  • Select
  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Xtra
  • Ultimate
  • Premier

While the packages have a lot to offer. The company extends some special offers towards its new subscribers as well.

Special Offer by DIRECTV

All the new subscribers, irrespective of the packages that they opt for, get access to some of the premium channels including Starz and Cinemax for the first three months. You do not have to pay an extra cost for this. Apart from that, you get free access to HBO for the complete first year. Other than that, you will get access to channels from various genres as a part of the packages. These include sports and news channels as well. The Genie HD DVR that comes with these packages delivers you all the entertainment in high-quality.

In case you want to surf the channel via the app, you can bundle cable and Internet together. This will allow you to watch TV even when on the go. Which means that you can watch shows on TNT or any other channel while you are traveling.

Couple DIRECTV Cable and Internet

You will get some of the best deal when you bundle the two together. You can opt for this epic alliance so that your whole house stays entertained. Once done, you can watch channels like VH1 or others to keep you energized.

While the cable packages remain the same, you can choose to add the Internet to any of the packages. If you call the AT&T Customer service number, you will get to know the details for every package, deal or bundle that you want to.


Channel numbers rely on your area and bundle. These numbers were taken from the official site and keep going investigated on May-2019. Constrained essential confinements apply.

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