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What Channel is ACC Network on DIRECTV?

what channel is acc network on directv

If you like sports more than anything else, you would know the value of channels like NBC Sports, ESPN, and FOX Sports. After all, these are the major networks that broadcast all the big sporting events. Hence, it’s no surprise that millions of people across the United States switch to these channels whenever they want to watch some MLS, MLB, NFL, or NBA action. There’s another channel that many Americans love, and that’s ACC.

ACC Network is an important channel for those who are a fan of the Atlantic Coast Conference as it is dedicated solely to the coverage of its games. Therefore, many wonder how they can get ACC Network on DIRECTV. So let’s explore it all.

ACC Network: What You Need to Know

ACC Network is a subsidiary of ESPN Inc. The channel was launched in 2019. ACC is the ultimate channel for college basketball fanatics. The network airs about 1300 events a year which is impressive. To offer more content, the network agreed to expand its conference schedule. This means that you will be able to enjoy all the hot football and basketball action on this channel.

You will be excited to know that almost all notable U.S. cable and satellite providers offer this channel. So, stop asking: Is the ACC Network on DIRECTV because the answer is yes! You will be able to find the channel on your cable service. And all the exclusive content that you will get to experience on this network will blow your mind.

How to Get the ACC Network on DIRECTV?

As you know that ACC Network is on DIRECTV but, how can you get it exactly? But more importantly, why DIRECTV? Well, the answer to that is quite simple: You see, DIRECTV is among the top providers in the United States serving millions of people across the nation. Moreover, the provider offers almost every major channel you can think of. Yes, you can find FX on DIRECTV as well!

You may not know this but opting for DIRECTV means that you can also opt for the CenturyLink internet. This is because the provider offers it! So, you can subscribe to it as well along with the cable service and enjoy your favorite shows both online and on your TV set. If you want to ask about the deals, then you can reach out to the provider by finding their contact details on the website. Speaking of websites, you should keep in mind that this is where every provider will mention necessary information about themselves and their services. For instance, you will see CenturyLink’s and Cox’s telephone numbers on their respective sites.

Now, let’s focus on how to get ACC Network on DIRECTV. Well, you should know that this channel will not come with every package that the provider offers. It is only available if you subscribe to Choice, Ultimate, and Premier deals. All of these plans are budget-friendly, costing $62.99, $84.99, and $134.99 respectively. However, please note that these prices are tentative and may change. On these three packages, you can find many other channels as well, such as BET.

Finding the ACC Network Channel on DIRECTV

If you are deciding to or have already subscribed to DIRECTV’s Choice, Ultimate, or Premier deals, then you will find the ACC Network included in the channel list. But where to find it? This is a real hassle. Why? Well, simply because each of these packages offers hundreds of channels. However, there is no need to worry. This section is going to answer the most asked question: What channel is ACC Network on DIRECTV? So, let’s not keep you waiting. Here’s the channel number:

Channel Name Number
ACC Network 612

If you tune into 612, you will find the ACCN. And you can then enjoy all the exhilarating football and basketball games with your family and friends.

Popular Shows on ACC Network

You may be getting ACC Network on DIRECTV, but the question is: Does the channel host any programs apart from airing games? Well, it does! And here are two major shows that you can enjoy on the network:

#1. Packer & Durham

If watching live games isn’t enough for you, then you have to check out this show. Hosted by Mark Packer and Wes Durham, Packer & Durham is an excellent program where the two experienced analysts cover every story and discuss every angle of the games. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the field or outside of it; they both have got you covered. They will fill you in on each and every detail. This show is certainly an alternative to other networks like Paramount Network.

#2. The Huddle

This is another show which you shouldn’t miss. After all, it is the signature program of the ACC Network for a reason. This show previews the weekend’s slate of football games. The Huddle is hosted by the famous American media and networking personality Jordan Cornette. The show also includes three analysts EJ Manuel, Eric Mac Lain, and Mark Richt, making the program an extremely fascinating watch.


ACC Network is a must-have channel for those who are interested in sports. And luckily, it is available for the subscribers of DIRECTV. This channel airs the ACC games. Hence, if you like to enjoy college football or basketball, then this network is for you! If you are going to view ACC Network on DIRECTV, then do keep in mind that you have to be subscribed to either Choice, Ultimate, or Premier deals. You can call the provider at any time if you want to get more information about the plans.

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