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What Channel is BET on Spectrum?

What Channel is BET on Spectrum

Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home. At home, they do not have any entertainment activities. For youth and adults alike, the routine after work or online classes is pretty dull and boring. At such times, Spectrum customers can sit down for quality TV shows during their leisure time. Not only can they watch their favorite movies, but they also sit down and relax while watching their favorite live sports event. TV channels such as BET on Spectrum provide quality entertainment options in such depressing times.

The range of shows available on BET is quite fantastic. There’s everything for the youth and the elderly here. As the go-to channel for African Americans with dedicated content to address any concerns and issues related to them, the channel has viewership outside of the USA as well. Find out about BET and its corresponding channel number in your state in the passages below.

Something About BET on Spectrum

The BET channel is owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. BET (Black Entertainment Television) is a cable TV channel. Its target audience is African-American viewers. The channel has been operational since 1980. Based in three major cities in the USA, the channel also has viewership outside the country in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and South Africa to name a few. Currently, the channel has more than 80 million pay-TV subscriptions in the USA.

For a long time, BET on Spectrum reigned as the primary channel for African American viewers. However, Oprah Winfrey Network surpassed the viewership numbers in 2018. Despite this feat, BET remains relevant to African American viewers to date. The remarkable broadcasting history of 40 years allows the management team to come up with new shows to keep their audience engaged. The TV channel has a fan following the likes of LMN, and Paramount Network.

Looking for BET Channel on Spectrum in Your State

In different states and cities, BET on Spectrum is present on different channel numbers. You may have to go through the list of these channel numbers to find out the number in your state.

Top Shows to Catch

The BET channel on Spectrum has many TV shows to keep its users engaged. The shows are engaging, entertaining, and address many issues related to the African American community. Many viewers, who are not African American and belong to other ethnic groups, also watch the channel due to the quality shows and programs. If you are a subscriber of a Spectrum package that comes with the BET channel, then make sure to watch the following shows.


This popular TV show is set in the East Atlanta neighborhood. The protagonist of the series is an African American lady (Layne Roberts). Tanisha Long is starring this powerful character that has to deal with many life issues. One of her close friends in college dies and this changes her life altogether. Her friends sit down with her and take a look at their lives. They ponder on how they can create a better impact. It’s a good show to watch in your free time, or when you get bored of news on CNN, or News Max.

Holiday Heist

This is one of the most popular shows on the BET channel on Spectrum that you can even binge-watch. Grab some popcorn and get ready for some action-filled scenes. Devin, played by Tobias Truvillion, is a reformed jewel thief. He disguises himself as a sales clerk at a jewelry shop with his wit and cunningness. Here, the tragedy occurs. He falls in love with the owner’s daughter. Now, he is at a crossroads between doing what he does or living a life with the girl of his dreams. What will Devin do? To find out, you have to watch Holiday Heist!

Ms. Virginia

This is one of those shows on BET on Spectrum that help to improve the way our society functions. In this show, you will witness the dilemma of a single mother who is trying to save her child from falling prey to drugs. All she wants is a good education for her child but it’s quite challenging due to the environment he has to study in. On top of this, the financial constraints of making her child go to a private school also showcase the desperate circumstances middle-class families have to face. It’s a great show that parents should watch with their teenage children so that they can appreciate the hard work parents put into raising them.


Is BET Plus on Spectrum?

Yes, it is. The BET Plus is an SVOD (Streaming video on demand) service, and you can watch it by subscribing to it and paying $9.99 per month.

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