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What Channel is CBS?

what channel is cbs

CBS should be your go-to channel if you wish to want to keep yourself posted with all the recent shows. From recorded shows to Live TV, you will get access to all on this channel. So, if you wish to subscribe to the channel, this blog is your ultimate guide regarding What Channel is CBS on various cable service providers.

The blog aims at covering all the major telecom companies.

What Channel is CBS on Various Networks


DIRECTV offers subscribers a plethora of TV packages to choose from. If you are a subscriber of DIRECTV or are planning to be one, you will have access to six different packages. All packages vary from each other based on the number of channels that they offer. The more expensive ones offer many premium channels as well. However, the most basic package starts from $59.99/month and gives access to over 155 channels to the subscribers. CBS is not the only channel that you get access to though. There are various reality TV channels and others too.

For more information regarding the exact channel number CBS is on and the packages it is available with, click the following link: CBS on DIRECTV.

CBS on Dish TV

Dish TV is another prominent cable service provider that Americans subscribe to. If you are a Dish TV subscriber and want to access CBS for some drama and comedy shows, then you should consider the many packages that the company has to offer. Subscribing to the service also entitles you to free installation of equipment, 24/7 service, and the best picture quality that any cable service provider offers. You can also choose to add the sports packages and premium channel packages to your existing deal for a more fun experience.

Choose from four English packages and learn more about the ones that offer CBS and the channel number it is on by clicking the following link: CBS on Dish TV.

CBS on Spectrum/TWC

Spectrum also offers the famous CBS channel. If you are a subscriber of the service already, you would know. But for all the ones who are considering subscribing to Spectrum, you have access to seven packages. This includes cable TV as a standalone service, double play, and triple-play packages. You can subscribe to anyone according to your needs. But make sure to select the one that offers CBS so that you can watch all the latest shows and movies without any hassle.

If you wish to learn more about the packages, the ones that offer CBS and their prices, visit the following link: CBS on Spectrum/TWC

CBS on Verizon

Apart from being one of the first providers to offer 5G to the subscribers, Verizon also gives the users access to entertaining channels like CBS. You can choose to watch classics or the latest movies on CBS via your Verizon subscription. Because apart from being a prominent choice for subscribers when it comes to offering data plans for phones, users also consider Verizon for its FiOS TV services now.

You can learn more about the packages available in your region by entering your zip code on the website. Or you can click on the following link to learn more about the packages, their prices, and the deals that give you access to CBS: CBS on Verizon

CBS on Frontier

Seems like CBS is a popular channel offering among cable TV providers. Almost all prominent companies offer the channel. However, did you know that CBS does not only air the series from other networks? CBS’s original shows are also very famous among individuals. If you are a Frontier user, you would know that you can choose from a buffet of packages and bundles. However, not all of them give the subscribers access to CBS channel.

To learn more about the details of CBS and its availability on various packages, follow the link: CBS on Frontier


WOW! also offers the subscribers with a plethora of deals and bundles. You have options to choose from stand-alone cable service, combing any two services together or choosing the triple bundle. You will have to be careful before opting for any bundle out of excitement though. Because you want that package to offer CBS as well. Apart from CBS, you can also choose from any other news or any other preferred packages to add to your bundles.

To learn more about the available add-ons and other details, click on the link: CBS on WOW!

CBS on Optimum

Optimum is a renowned cable service provider. It provides subscribers with options to choose from pay per view apart from offering various cable boxes. You will find a variety of channels on Optimum which makes it a perfect companion for viewing shows and movies in Primetime as well. Internet, Phone and Cable, the company offers all three services and gives you an option to choose from the various packages that it has.

You will learn more about the various packages, the ones that offer CBS and the channel number that CBS is on in various states by clicking on the link below:

CBS on Optimum

CBS on Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity also offers the subscribers with options to subscribe to stand-alone service, double play or triple play deals. You can also opt for promotions that the company has occasionally. The range of packages and the number of channels that the company offers is huge. So, you will find something for your day time entertainment. While you will also have a lot to look forward to for your late-night chillings.

Want to learn more about the channel number and the packages that have CBS included? Click the link below:

CBS on Comcast Xfinity

What Shows are on CBS?

As mentioned earlier, CBS is home to some prominent shows that it airs to entertain the audience. You will find some of the most prominent shows on the channel.

Popular Shows to Catch on CBS

Following is a list of some of the popular shows on CBS:

  • Love Island
  • NCIS
  • All Rise
  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Young Sheldon

CBS All Access Programming

You will find a different variety of shows here including:

  • Why Women Kill
  • Tell me a Story
  • No Activity
  • The Good Fight

You can tune into the channel for all the special Live TV screenings and other pre-recorded shows and movies.

For any more details, click on the links provided or visit your cable TV provider’s website.


Is CBS a local channel?

You can check with your cable service provider if it offers CBS in your region. The channel is offered in many states of the USA.

What channel is CBS Sports on?

The channel number varies according to the cable service provider.

Can I get CBS with an antenna?

The antenna can help you pick up over the air HDTV channels. This includes CBS.

What is the Cost of CBS All Access?


Can you watch CBS shows for free?

If you have a cable TV subscription, then yes.

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