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What Channel is CMT on Spectrum?

what channel is CMT on Spectrum

Raise your hands if you have obsessively Googled your favorite music star whenever they make it to the top charts with their new single or music video. In the digital world, it’s easier to keep in touch with them by following them on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Back in the 80s and 90s, we only had entertainment channels like CMT to catch all the highlights of the music industry. It’s still addicting, which explains why American households have a preference for CMT on Spectrum.

About CMT

It’s an American pay-TV channel that was launched in 1983. CMT, Country Music Television, was the first national channel devoted to country music and programing which included specials, biographies, and concerts about country music stars. Originally, it was just music but over time, the network’s programming expanded and it started broadcasting lifestyle and reality programs.

The network has deviated from music videos and majorly focuses on reality series. Current programming consists of lifestyle and reality shows alongside some general entertainment programming, which is unrelated to country music. The early morning and some night hours are dedicated to music videos comprising hit country songs.

What’s the CMT Channel on Spectrum?

To watch CMT on Spectrum cable packages, you must be a subscriber of the TV Silver plan which covers more than just local cable affiliates. This mid-tier also carries premium channels like TMC and Starz.

Which Shows to Watch on CMT on Spectrum?

The top programming on CMT includes reality shows, which are different from the reality shows aired on TLC since they are music-based. Here are the most acclaimed shows on the network:

1: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The DCC squad is a popular sports show featuring women from all over the world, trying to make it to the team.  It gives an inside view of the tryouts and training camps for these women. Keli Finglass, the director of the show, decides which one of these talented ladies will make the cut.

2: Nashville

This is an American musical drama TV series created by Callie Khouri with five seasons so far. Nashville chronicles the lives of fictitious country music singers from Tennessee. Connie Britton stars as Rayna Jaymes (the country music superstar) whose popularity diminishes and a rising young star Juliette Barnes plans to replace her. She is forced to team up with Barnes on a tour to maintain her label. Nashville is just as captivating as Yellowstone on Paramount Network.

3: Party Down South

A gang of southern guys and gals from South Carolina decide to head to college town Athens, GA for an unforgettable experience. Their reunion brings old friendships and new love triangles to kick start.

Partying in Athens wasn’t enough for these peeps so they headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during spring break. As with any friendship, their relationship goes through arguments and disagreements, and some fistfights.

4: Still the King

A washed-up country crooner, Burnin Vernon who was a one-hit-wonder is kicked out of the industry because of a scandal. He remains 20 years out of the spotlight and reemerges as the best Elvis impersonator. Unfortunately, even his comeback is marred by the old scandal. He ends up driving drunk and crashes his car into a church after which he is sentenced to perform community service.

During this time, he discovers that he has a teen daughter but the girl’s mother won’t let him see her until he pays child support. As a solution, he pretends to become a new minister of the church to arrange funds.

Vernon struggles to become a responsible adult with the burning desire to reclaim his lost position in the music industry. The captivating story of Still the King makes it a must-watch show on the CMT channel on Spectrum.

5: I Love Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler, the American Idol finalist is all over the music industry. She has a stable music career and has her own reality series starring her husband Kyle Jacobs who is also a songwriter.

I Love Kellie Pickler is a docu series following the life of a couple who have written wonderful songs together and put their personal and professional lives on display. Pickler is every country music fan’s favorite. There is no reason for a country music fanatic to miss out on this show.


Just when you think you can’t get enough of CMT on Spectrum, the network has sister channels too called CMT Music and MTV, which are again great picks for music fans.

When you would like to take a break from music, you can always tune in to other networks like LMN. Another option is to watch exclusive Spectrum Originals, a premier destination for original series available to all Spectrum cable customers free of cost.

Note that Spectrum Choice does not carry CMT. You must be a subscriber of the TV Silver or Gold plan to watch this network.


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What channel are the CMT awards on Spectrum?

CMT Awards is a fan-voted country music video and TV awards show. CTM awards are aired on CMT, MTV, MTV2, Logo, Paramount Network, Pop, and TV Land. All these networks are available on Spectrum.

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