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What Channel is ESPN on DIRECTV?


America is a nation of sports lovers. Nothing beats a weekend game night with family or friends. Cheering on your favorite team while chugging on your favorite beer, lost in the heat of the moment. People all across America tune in faithfully to watch their teams take on rivals on the quest to greatness. But sometimes, changing providers can have you wondering where all your channels went. If you’ve recently switched and want to know what channel ESPN is on DIRECTV, then this is the blog for you. Read on to find out where to get your sports to fix.

Where can I find ESPN on DIRECTV?

ESPN is one of America’s most popular sports networks, owned by ESPN Inc. It is a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and Hearst communications and offers the following channels on DIRECTV:

ESPN Network DIRECTV HD Channels
ESPN 206
ESPN 2 209
ESPN Classic 614
ESPN Deportes 466 & 1432 (VOD)

To the best of our knowledge, this channel list is accurate at the time of publishing of this blog. Channel numbers may vary based on your location and provider.

What Channel is ESPN 2 on DIRECTV: Alternative Sports

ESPN 2 was originally launched as a counterpart to the parent ESPN network. It was primarily aimed at young adults and sports that were popular with them. ESPN 2 has evolved over the years to become a second sports outlet for the network. The network tended to broadcast billiards, poker, extreme sports and lumberjacking as part of its programming. More recently, it has begun to broadcast mainstream sports and events as well. These include:

  • Major League Baseball (check out this helpful blog on how to watch MLB 2019 if you don’t have cable service)
  • Major League Soccer
  • NCAA Football and Basketball games
  • Australian, French and US Open
  • Wimbledon
  • Formula 1 Championship

ESPN 2 on DIRECTV carries some of the best broadcasts in sports entertainment, so be sure to get it included in your plan.

What Channel is ESPNEWS On DIRECTV: Updates on Every Sport

At the time of its launch in 1996, the channel primarily broadcasted sports news, press conferences, and highlights. Over the last few years, it has expanded its programming considerably. It now includes talk shows, debates, and rundowns of sporting events and teams. The current programming includes popular favorites like:

  • SportsCenter
  • Golic and Wingo
  • The Stephen A. Smith Show
  • The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
  • The Will Cain Show

You can find ESPNEWS on DIRECTV in HD on channel 207. Make sure you get it and stay on top of all your sports updates.

What Channel is ESPNU On DIRECTV: The Best of College Athletics

ESPNU is your go-to source for college sports entertainment. The network regularly broadcasts college athletic playoffs and tournaments. It offers a selection of both studio and live broadcasts. Studio broadcasts include programming like:

  • College Football Live
  • ESPNU Bracketology
  • SportsCenter
  • ESPNU Coaches Spotlight
  • ESPNU Recruiting Insider
  • Give ‘N Go
  • ESPNU Inside The Polls
  • Inside the Big East

ESPNU on DIRECTV also has live sports programs which feature college sports events like:

  • ESPN Radio TV Broadcasts
  • ESPNU College Baseball
  • FIL World Lacrosse Championship
  • ESPNU College Hockey
  • ESPNU Softball
  • College Football
  • ESPNU College Basketball

What Channel is ESPN Classic On DIRECTV?

ESPN Classic is your trip down memory lane. Relive the finest hours of American sportsmanship with rebroadcasts of:

  • Popular major sporting events
  • Sports-oriented movies
  • Sports documentaries

It’s the channel to watch for documentaries of American sports heroes like Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and others. With popular broadcasts like The American Sportsman, American Gladiators, Greatest Sports Legends, and The Joe Namath Show, it’s still a popular choice. Catch ESPN Classic on DIRECTV on channel 614.

What Channel is ESPN Deportes On DIRECTV

The Spanish language ESPN channel is very popular among Latin American viewers. The channel features excellent Spanish programming based on formats of popular English language programs on its counterpart. Among other programs, the channel features:

  • Futbol Picante
  • SportsCenter (Hispanic Version)
  • Los Capitanes
  • Futbol Center

ESPN Deportes on DIRECTV is on channel 466, as well as Video on Demand channel 1432.

All your favorite ESPN broadcasts in one place! And that’s still not the best thing. All DIRECTV subscribers can access and watch ESPN without a cable using the ESPN app. This gives you access to tons of on-demand content and live broadcasts, wherever you are.



Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated Jan-2019.

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