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What Channel Is Fox on DIRECTV?

what channel is Fox on Directv

Choosing a cable service provider can be overwhelming, especially when you have more than 400 companies providing the same services. There’s no denying that every customer has different tastes and preferences. Thankfully, the United States has a great satellite TV service in DIRECTV. That means you can get channels like Fox on DIRECTV. 

The said satellite TV service has an awesome lineup of channels. From Nickelodeon to CBS, DIRECTV has got you covered. Moreover, you get access to live programming, sports, music, and movie channels – courtesy of DIRECTV. Before telling you where to find the Fox channel, let’s take a look at the channel itself and discuss why it is so important. 

What Is Fox Channel?

Fox is a commercial broadcast TV network. It operates out of New York City. The network has been around since 1986. Fox is one of the most viewed cable TV networks in the United States. The network pulls in close to four million viewers for its primetime shows per month. Together with its sister channels, the Fox network continues to provide great content to its audience. 

What Channel Is Fox on DIRECTV?

It may be difficult to search Fox on DIRECTV. Why? Because there are hundreds of channels on the satellite TV service. Users may not be able to find Fox among countless other networks. You may even miss out on your favorite shows while searching for a particular channel. 

The good news is that finding Fox on satellite is now easier than it has been. The article will provide you with the channel number. That means you won’t have to get into the hassle of locating the channel on the satellite TV. For those asking what number is Fox on DIRECTV, here’s the answer to your question. 


Channel No 

New York City 



Los Angeles 








San Antonio 


San Diego 



San Jose 


Fort Worth 

San Fransisco 



For those asking what station is Fox on DIRECTV, the answer is 359. 

Should I Get DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is the largest satellite TV operator in the United States. It offers great content. No matter whether you want to watch sports or the news, DIRECTV has got you covered. If you are wondering about the image quality of DIRECTV, stop thinking. The provider offers content in perfect image quality. 

Perhaps the best part about DIRECTV is its reliability. No matter which region you live in, you will get reliable access to DIRECTV. The next discussion is about the best DIRECTV packages. You can choose from a wide range of bundles and offers to support your digital needs. 

The XTRA package comes with more than 200 channels. These include Cinemax, STARZ, HBO, and SHOWTIME, to name a few. The provider also has an app for its subscribers. You can also get the GENIE HD DVR. Record your favorite shows with the device and watch them in your spare time. 

What Are the Benefits of Having DIRECTV?

More and more customers are looking to cut the cord these days. The widespread availability of streaming solutions means that people have multiple options to choose from. The traditional television viewing experience has become outdated. People no longer need a cable subscription to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. 

Subscribing to a satellite TV service like DIRECTV comes with several benefits. One of the major benefits is that you have no limitations with what you can watch on DIRECTV. Also, the programming quality is exceptional. All this is possible due to the latest technological advancements. Moreover, getting DIRECTV is as easy as dialing the Cox telephone number

DIRECTV also comes with parental control features in addition to offering channels for your younger ones. That means no member of the family will be left out from the television viewing experience. The parental control features come with every single DIRECTV subscription. That means parents will have the satisfaction of monitoring their children’s viewing habits. 

What’s More in Store for Viewers?

Nowadays, customers can choose from countless options when it comes to their internet and TV needs. Companies like Altice One continue to provide great TV, internet, and streaming services. As a customer, you need to do is find the best product from these options. 

With Fox on DIRECTV, you get to watch quality films such as The Life of Pi, The Planet of Apes, Daredevil, and The Transporter, to name a few. And the list keeps getting better. The Fox network has created some exceptional TV shows and movies for millions of viewers. You can binge shows like Family Guy and Prison Break. 

The best thing about DIRECTV is that it has everything for every type of viewer. No matter whether you are a sports fanatic or an ardent follower of politics, you will find that the provider has created everything for your digital requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to the provider if you want the best satellite TV deals for your home television viewing experience. 


Gettig Fox on DIRECTV is nothing short of a treat for viewers. The holiday season is around the corner and what better way to create a wholesome entertainment experience than to subscribe to DIRECTV. It should be noted that the provider offers close to two dozen packages for customers. That means DIRECTV has got everything for everybody in the household. With the Ultimate package, you get more than 250 live channels and on-demand content. The said offer also allows you to stream 55,000+ titles.

Few satellite TV companies can match the quality and customer service provided by DIRECTV. You get dozens of awesome bundle packages as well as exceptional picture quality.

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