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What Channel is INSP On Spectrum?

what channel is insp on spectrum

The phenomenon known as the TV Western was born in 1949. It quickly started to get a lot of traction and reached its peak in 1959. However, it was during the 1960s that its popularity started to decline. But America’s fascination with it never really died! Be it the famous Western films or TV series, millions of Americans love watching Western content.

If you too are someone who likes to enjoy Western TV shows and films, INSP is the channel for you! This network will take care of all your entertainment needs. You can enjoy all types of content on this channel whether it be reality shows, TV series, or movies! Considering all that this channel has to offer, there is no surprise why people wonder if they can find INSP on Spectrum.

A Brief History of INSP

Formerly known as The Inspiration Network, INSP is a digital cable television channel that is owned by Inspiration Ministries. It is headquartered in Indian Land, South Carolina. Between 1991 and 2010, INSP remained a non-profit ministry-focused channel. During the fall of 2010, the network was re-branded. It became a socially conservative and commercial-supported channel that focused on family entertainment.

Over the years, INSP has been honored with many accolades. It received The PTC Seal of Approval in 2012. Moreover, it bagged multiple Telly Awards. But that’s not all! The network was even nominated at The New York Film & Television Festival under the category of, ‘Human Concerns.

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Is INSP on Spectrum?

You may have been wondering about this since the beginning of this article, so, let’s not keep you waiting. The answer is yes, you can find INSP on Spectrum! This channel is widely enjoyed by millions of Americans across the country. Hence, it makes perfect sense for the provider to support this network.

Now that you are aware that Spectrum has INSP on its list of channel-lineup, you must be quite delighted. After all, it means that will now enjoy the content in super high definition. Plus, you can expect the picture quality of the channel to be top-notch. Also, you will find the resolution of the network to be simply breathtaking.

However, the question now is, which one of the Spectrum TV plans will you have to subscribe to get INSP. Well, you will be glad to know that the network is included in the channel lineup of every deal. Yes, you read that right! It doesn’t matter if you are subscribed to Spectrum TV Select, Silver, or Gold, you will get access to the network.

Finding the Network on Spectrum

insp on spectrum

Finding INSP on Spectrum can get a bit difficult. This is because the provider offers multiple channels with every plan. Hence, it is quite a hassle to manually browse through the channel list to locate INSP. Plus, the fact that the channel number of the network is different for every city makes finding the network even more difficult. But you don’t need to worry! This section will let you know the channel number of INSP. It will save you both time and effort.

City/State  INSP Channel Number
Carson City/Nevada 83
Monroe County/Tennessee 101/833

Famous Shows on INSP

When it comes to content, INSP is in a league of its own. The network is famously known for its highly entertaining original shows. Plus, the fact that this network is on Spectrum, you can download TV Choice to watch the channel whenever and wherever you want! With that said, here are just a few of the popular shows that you can enjoy on INSP.

#1. Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

This is a reality TV show that is hosted by the music icon Trace Adkins. The show will feature fourteen of the toughest cowboys from around the country who will gather to compete against each other in the harsh Wyoming terrain. The winner of the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown will be awarded a prize of a lifetime. This is a highly entertaining show and is a perfect substitute if you can’t find anything to watch on Pay Per View on Spectrum.

#2. Wild West Chronicles

Wild West Chronicles is a docudrama series that stars Jack Elliot as Bat Masterson. The show follows Masterson as he trades the sheriff’s badge for a pen to write stories instead of chasing outlaws. This is an action-packed show that you will enjoy. It is addictive. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if you subscribe to one of the Spectrum internet packages just to binge-watch the series while on the go.

#3. State Plate

If you are a foodie, you are going to love State Plate. Hosted by restaurateur and musician, Taylor Hicks, the show is all about tasting some of the nation’s tastiest and most delicious food. Hicks would tour the country and will make a stop in different cities to discover and try great foods. This show will make you crave food!


INSP is one of the most popular entertainment channels in the United States, especially for those who like to watch western shows. If you too are one of them, you can enjoy INSP on Spectrum! However, make sure to take care of Spectrum bill pay timely if you want don’t want to miss out on your favorite shows such as the ones mentioned above.


What is the channel number of INSP on Spectrum?

The channel number for the network varies from city to city. So, call the provider to know about it.

Which plan do I have to subscribe to get INSP on Spectrum?

You will find the network in the channel lineup of all the TV deals offered by the provider.

Can I Stream INSP?

Yes, if you are subscribed to Spectrum internet and have a TV Choice, you can stream the channel.

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