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What Channel is Newsmax on DIRECTV?

what channel is newsmax on directv

If you think media business doesn’t exist, then think again! The United States has two different sides of media: liberal and conservative. And if you want proof of that, then just sit back and observe. Tune into channels like CBS News, ABC News, and Fox, and you will notice that they are on the conservative side. You can then watch channels like NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, and you will get to know that they support the liberal side.

There’s another news channel that is a bit different than the ones mentioned, and it’s Newsmax. Even though the channel was launched over two decades ago, it garnered a lot of popularity during the 2020 Presidential Elections. And now, there’s no surprise that everyone wants to get Newsmax on DirecTV.

Package Cost
Entertainment $64.99
Choice $69.99
Ultimate $84.99
Premier $134.99

Newsmax: A Breath of Fresh Air

Newsmax was founded by the American journalist Christopher Ruddy on September 16, 1998. This channel is easily among the top favorites of people as it provides them with real and authentic news. Over the years, it has attained a lot of praise for its work by many different publications. Forbes called it a “news powerhouse” whereas The New York Times labeled it as a “potent force” in U.S. politics.

Considering all the positive reviews it has received, there is no doubt Newsmax is the ultimate channel to get your daily dose of fresh news. The channel also operates a namesake print magazine. Apart from the news, Newsmax also taps into other sectors like finance and health and offers proper and complete updates about important matters.

Getting Newsmax on DirecTV

Due to the channel’s immense popularity, many Americans question: is Newsmax on DirecTV? Well, the answer is yes, it is! This must have gotten you really excited. But let’s just wait for a second and think exactly why people want to know that if the network is on DirecTV. Here’s a reason for you: This provider offers exceptional services and has a ton of exciting features that will make you want to subscribe to it. It has expanded its services over 39 states. Moreover, on DirecTV, you can expect to find a wide range of content, from comedy to sports.

But subscribing to just DirecTV is not going to be enough. You will need a stable internet connection as well to enjoy channels like Newsmax. Luckily for you, you can opt for CenturyLink internet with the DirecTV service. This way, you will be connected at all times and can even watch the television on the go thanks to the DIRECTV app.

Let’s now put some light on getting Newsmax on DirecTV. You will be excited to know that this channel comes with every package of the service. Yes, you read that right! But how many packages does DirecTV have, and are they affordable? Well, keep reading to find the answer!

Newsmax & DirecTV Plans

As stated above, you can find Newsmax on every package of DirecTV. However, you must be curious to know about all the deals that the provider offers. This is exactly what you are going to find in this section. So, let’s get to it.

DirecTV knows how to take care of its customers. And to prove that the provider offers four different packages, catering to the needs and wants of every individual. Their basic plan is called Entertainment. It offers over 160 channels, including CNN, HGTV, and Nickelodeon. However, you will not get access to premium channels like EPIX, and STARZ. Then there is the Choice package. It provides users with 185+ channels. Their third deal is titled Ultimate. It offers more than 250 channels.

The premier package is DirecTV’s fourth and the most expensive deal. This package is ideal for those who want to enjoy premium channels like Cinemax, HBO Max, STARZ, and Showtime. Speaking of channels, it offers over 330 networks! Although all plans are great, in the end, it’s your own personal preference that will define which deal will work best for you.

Let’s now have a look at the prices of these deals. However, please note that the cost is tentative and can change in the future. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the DIRECTV hidden cost as there is none! But keep in mind that there will be installation and equipment fees. It is advised to ask the provider about the cost before you proceed further.

Where to Find Newsmax on DirecTV?

Now that you know you can access Newsmax on DirecTV no matter which deal you choose, the next thing you may wonder about is where to find it. You may even get a bit impatient and start to ask your friends what channel is Newsmax on DirecTV? Well, there is no need for that. You see, it’s pretty simple to locate the channel. This is because the channel number remains constant regardless of the subscribed package.

So, where to find it? It’s channel number 349! This is where you can enjoy Newsmax. The channel will be live, and you can tune in to watch all the latest news. Moreover, you can count on this channel to let you know about weather forecasts along with other things. Also, don’t forget about the breaking news! Newsmax is where you will get to know all about the latest happenings not just in the United States but across the globe as well.


Anyone who has an interest in politics and those who want to know what’s going on around the globe, then Newsmax is what you should tune into. It is one of the best channels that rivals Fox News. Another reason to watch this channel is that it offers a ton of exciting programs, including American Agenda, Wake Up America, The Benny Report, and America Right Now.

If you are excited about this network, then remember Newsmax on the DirecTV channel is 349. You have to turn on this number to watch the channel!

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