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What Channel is Newsmax on Optimum?

what channel is newsmax on optimum

Nobody knows the importance of news channels more than those who are interested in politics. After all, it is where people can get to know all the latest updates about the political side that they support. It is a way for people to learn about new developments. Apart from politics, people can tune in to news channels to find out what’s going on both in their country and around the world.

There are some major news channels that people count on to deliver true and authentic news, like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Another channel that is just as popular as those mentioned is Newsmax. Launched over two decades ago, the channel is committed to airing nothing but the truth. Considering how this channel calls the news as is, there is no surprise that people are eager to get Newsmax on Optimum.

Newsmax: The Ultimate Source for Fresh, Real & Authentic News

Although there are many news channels that claim to broadcast real and unbiased news, people know that it’s not true. You should know that media bias does exist. However, Newsmax is not like the rest. Founded by Christopher Ruddy, this channel shares unfiltered news. Over the years, the channel has received a lot of positive reviews for its work. Publications like Forbes and The New York Times have even gone on to call it a “news powerhouse” and “a potent force in the U.S. politics,” respectively.

What makes Newsmax the best is that the channel knows how to deliver the news responsibly. They air all the breaking news almost instantly and make people aware of the events as they unfold. The channel also has a namesake magazine. Besides news, Newsmax taps into other sectors as well, such as health and finance.

How to Get Newsmax on Optimum?

Newsmax has established itself as a major network in the news world. People want to have access to this channel no matter which provider they are subscribed to. So, is Newsmax on Optimum? The answer is yes! This must have made you quite excited. Getting this channel on Optimum means that you will be able to view the content in HD. You can expect the picture quality to be crisp, and the resolution will simply be breathtaking.

These are just some of the perks that the provider offers to its subscribers. Also, you will be happy to know that the provider doesn’t bind its customer to contracts. This means that if you are not satisfied with the service, you can quit at any time you want. Moreover, it supports pay-per-view events.

So, now that you know Optimum supports Newsmax. The question is, on which deal can you find it? All of them! Yes, you read that right! Optimum is currently offering three deals to its subscribers: Optimum Core, Optimum Select, and Optimum Premium. And Newsmax is included in the lineup of every package. But what channel is Newsmax on Optimum? Read on to find out!

How to find Newsmax Channel on Optimum?

Finding Newsmax on Optimum is not easy. This is simply because every cable deal that the provider offers, whether Core, Select, or Premium, contains multiple channels. How many, you ask? Well, if you opt for Core, you will be getting over 200 channels. Opting for the Select deal will give you access to more than 340 channels. And if you want to go with Premium, you will have 420+ channels, including NFL Network! So, finding Newsmax is going to be a hassle. However, there is no need to worry. You can find the information in this section. Here’s the channel number:

Channel Name Channel Number
Newsmax 102

If you tune into 102, you will find Newsmax. This channel number is constant across all the packages.

Popular Shows on Newsmax

Newsmax doesn’t only broadcast news. This channel also hosts a lot of exciting programs, all of which you may like if you are interested in American politics. Let’s look at some of the shows you can enjoy on the channel.

#1. National Report

Hosted by Shaun Kraisman, National Report airs every weekday live. This is the show where you will get to know about all the breaking news of the day. Plus, you will get to hear the experts as they offer their opinion on the news. This program will bring all the news from the financial markets, Washington, and other capitals across the country. There will also be some health, lifestyle, and personal finance segments.

#2. American Agenda

Bob Sellers hosts this show. American Agenda is where you can get to know about both national and international news. This program highlights all the events in Washington and offers insightful analyses made by experts and lawmakers.

#3. Conversations with Nancy Brinker

The founder of Susan G. Komen, Nancy Brinker, has a show on Newsmax, and it’s quite entertaining. In the program, she meets with the famous and most powerful personalities. She chats with her hosts, giving you an insight into their lives and personal thoughts. You can watch this show with your family if you cannot find anything on Netflix on Optimum.


Newsmax is easily one of the top news channels in the United States. It is viewed by millions of American households regularly. After all, this is where they can get to learn all about the latest happenings not just in the U.S. but across the world as well. Having Newsmax on Optimum is a big blessing as you can enjoy the content in high definition. The provider is known for facilitating its customers in every way possible. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the Optimum bill pay process as it is super simple!

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