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What Channel is Newsmax on Xfinity?

what channel is newsmax on xfinity

America can’t help but start its day with news learning what’s going in the country, hot topics, and everything in politics. If you’re that kind of person, you would want a watch a news channel that caters to a variety of news. In that case, Newsmax could be it. This network caters to finance, health, and world category news.

Once you start, Newsmax on Xfinity likely becomes your favorite channel. Tag along to learn what you can watch on this network.

History of Newsmax

Christopher Ruddy’s Newsmax, a conservative American news network, was launched in 1998. Newsmax, health, finance, and Newsmax global are the four parts of this network with Subsections in each category.

Ruddy attempted to pitch this news organization as a rival to Fox News. Former Fox News anchors Greg Kelly and Rob Schmitt were among those he enlisted. Newsmax is regarded as a safe haven for scandalized celebrities or personalities who have been rejected by other networks. It’s carried by all major cable providers including Altice One!

NewsMax is also known as one of the most powerful conservative voices. According to the New York Times, this corporation is a powerful political force in the United States. The network also has a website and a magazine, which is one of the country’s largest independent monthly publications with a conservative viewpoint.

Is Newsmax on Xfinity?

Yes sir! You can find this channel on your Xfinity cable plan. You may have to reach out to the provider to figure out which package carries this network and then sign up for their services accordingly. Once you are done with that, the next thing to do is find what channel is Newsmax on Xfinity.

What Channel Is Newsmax on Xfinity?

Already a subscriber? Let’s help you out. No need to search for the channel number manually. Refer to this table to find the Newsmax on Xfinity channel number in your state/city and start chugging on worthy news:

City/state Channel Number
Virginia 1115
New York 1115
Massachusetts 1115
New Jersey 1115
Texas 1115
Florida 1115
Illinois 1115
Vermont 1115

Untold Facts About Newsmax

In case you are newly introduced to this network and you are intrigued to watch Newsmax on Xfinity channel lineup, do check out some of these interesting facts:

It Has Been Around for More Than 2 Decades

Newsmax Media is a company that has been around for more than two decades. Ruddy says they were the Fox News of the online world. Over the years, the company has delved deeper into video, founding Newsmax TV, an OTT channel, in 2014. Households are in love with Newsmax just like sports aficionados love NFL Network!

The Network Is Highly Future Focused

“Newsmax tends to be more focused on hard news than its competitors. This network takes politics very seriously because Ruddy believes America enjoys politics. And so, Newsmax takes a unique approach to hiring. The company looks for hosts who are concerned about the future. One thing is sure, you won’t be wasting your time if you’re watching Newsmax on Xfinity!

They Aren’t Trump TV

At times, Newsmax has sounded pro-Trump but they aren’t pro-Trump. So, if you’re thinking you’re better off watching some other news channel or maybe a TV show on HBO believing that this network supports Trump, then give it another shot.

While Ruddy is a friend of Trump, he claims the network will not become Trump TV. The network wants to remain a journalism institution. They won’t become a personality-driven channel. Ruddy is highly pro-immigration and he wants the United States to have a very aggressive, more open immigration policy.

Ways to Tune in to Newsmax on Xfinity

Once you know what channel is Newsmax on Xfinity, one way to watch the network is by tuning in to your cable package. Another way to watch the news is by downloading the Newsmax App.

The app is free but of course, to be able to watch the network, you must have Xfinity’s cable services. Lots of customers fail to check if there is Newsmax on Xfinity cable plan they have signed up for before downloading the app. If your package doesn’t carry it, you won’t be able to watch it.

Call Support If You Can’t Find Newsmax on Xfinity Channel Lineup

In case you can’t find Newsmax on channel 1115 number, get in touch with the provider. They might carry it on a different channel number in your respective city and state.

Don’t have Newsmax on Xfinity plan your current plan? No worries, simply get in touch with support and upgrade your plan. Like Cox telephone number, Xfinity has a dedicated support line too and their friendly agents are always eager to offer their assistance. You even ask them to help you find what channel is Newsmax on Xfinity in your area.

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