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What Channel is SHOWTIME on XFINITY?

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If you are really into movies, shows, series, and documentaries, and you cannot live without watching them, you really need to have a steady subscription to SHOWTIME. And if you are an Xfinity subscriber and looking for, SHOWTIME channel number on Xfinity? In addition, there is a bit of information about SHOWTIME and the critically acclaimed movies, shows, and documentaries that it airs.

How much is showtime on Comcast Xfinity and What Does It Show?

You need to see and experience for yourself what all this hype and buzz about SHOWTIME is all about. Comcast customers can easily add this Premium channel to any of your subscribed XFINITY TV plan for only an additional $9.99 a month for 12 months.

Showtime on Comcast Chicago, Illinois Cinncinati, Ohio New York City, NY
Showtime HD on Xfinity 185 339 418
Showtime on Xfinity 575 340 340
SHO 2 on Xfinity 577 341 341
Showtime Showcase on Xfinity 579 342 342
Showtime Extreme on Xfinity 1848 347 347


You can watch all the popular and wildly-anticipated original series on SHOWTIME ON DEMAND along with unlimited hours of sports, movies, and documentaries. And grab the opportunity to experience ultimate entertainment at such an economical price. You get to watch Hollywood’s blockbuster movies, hilarious comedy shows, groundbreaking documentaries, and full of action Sports. Above all SHOWTIME® is your absolute package of premium entertainment, that has always something for you to watch and enjoy.

How to Add SHOWTIME® to Your Channel Lineup?

Here are the easy steps to enjoy the aforementioned premium channel:

  • Become an Xfinity Basic Cable subscriber.
  • Pick the right TV package from the many options that fit your entertainment preferences.
  • Add the package to your cart and checkout.
  • While checking out, select SHOWTIME and any other add-on channels that you may want.


Call us Today @ and add SHOWTIME® to your Xfinity channel lineup.

Watch critically acclaimed series on SHOWTIME®

With critically applauded series, hit movies on box office, revolutionary documentaries, funniest comedy series, and full-on action-packed sports, SHOWTIME HD is a complete premium package for your entertainment.

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With Showtime on Comcast, you can experience the finest in entertainment. Watch the hit show “Weeds,” and get immediate access to the box office hit movies and shows on demand, television, and online.

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