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What Channel is TLC on Cox?

tlc on cox

“Everyone needs a little TLC,” says the top-viewed American channel, previously known as The Learning Channel. And if one really thinks about it, it’s true! TLC network provides personal stories, reality television, entertainment, education, and a bit of everything. Therefore, it’s not a surprise why people want access to this channel. Luckily, you can find TLC on Cox!

A Brief Overview of TLC

Owned and operated by Discovery, Inc, TLC is one of the most popular and competent American channels. The Learning Channel has been around for about 50 years and is frequently compared with incredible pay-tv channels like HGTV, Food Network, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, and Travel channel.

The audiences specifically love TLC because of the variety and diversity in content. You can find entertaining as well as educating content there; there’s something for every viewer to enjoy. Thanks to its increasing demand and popularity, you can find TLC not just on Cox cable but also on many other service providers.

How To Get TLC on Cox?

Despite how famous it is, TLC is not available anywhere and everywhere. In fact, there is an exclusive list of cable providers that support this channel. Cox is one of them! So, to get your hands on this channel, you’ll first have to subscribe to an appropriate package, one that includes TLC.

You can find all the information regarding Cox internet plans and TV packages on their website. You can even call the provider to get the details. Once you get the information, you can figure out the right TV subscription package that suits your budget and includes your favorite channels. For example, you can find TLC in the Contour TV lineup, but the basic packages (like Contour TV Starter) do not support it.

Is TLC Available on Cox?

Yes, you can find TLC on Cox. However, remember that the channel is not available to all Cox subscribers; you must choose the correct deal that gives you access to TLC. Only then can you watch your favorite content on there.

TLC has a lot of diverse content to offer: mindset development, home setup, moral lessons, family life, educational diorama, and personal stories are only some of the many genres available there. So, whether you are fond of tragic stories, comedy scripts, or drama and thrill, you will find something according to your mood and liking.

How To Find TLC Channel on Cox?

The Cox channel lineup is quite extensive, especially the bundles that support TLC. For example, the Cox Contour TV ultimate has over 250 channels, so, naturally, finding one on the list will take a while and can be quite frustrating. In addition, depending on where you are, the channel number can also differ, which further adds to the stress.

what channel is tlc on cox

Here is a list of some geographical locations and their respective Cox channel numbers for TLC:

City TLC Channel Number
Florida 31
Virginia 30

After choosing one of the Cox TV packages that support TLC, you will get access to all the fantastic content available on the channel. To give your binge-watching journey a kickstart, here are some of the most popular shows on TLC:

Popular Shows on TLC

#1. 90 Day Fiance

Four women get an engagement visa for 90 days to go to the US and live with their fiancés. Then, each couple gets three months to get married before the visas expire, and the women have to go home. It’s a popular show with romance, suspense, and everything a good reality TV should deliver!

#2. Forensic Files

Starting in 1996 and continuing up until 2011, Forensic Files is a fantastic show in the documentary and crime genres. It is a series that features detailed accounts of notable crimes, diseases, and much more, solved through the efforts of forensic scientists.

#3. Who Do You Think You Are?

This one is a documentary and biography. The storyline revolves around celebrities researching their own family trees and often getting unexpected results. The show takes quite a few twists and turns to keep you hooked!

#4. Untold Stories of the ER

A documentary in the dramatic genre, last aired in 2020, Untold Stories of the ER is a dramatization of life-threatening moments in patients’ lives and how doctors made efforts to save them.


If you want to get TLC on Cox, the most important thing is to check whether you have the right subscription. If you do, check your geographical location and the respective channel number. If you don’t, visit the official website or contact Cox customer service. Then, subscribe to the right package and enjoy all the amazing TLC shows that you and your family can watch together!


1. What Number Is TLC On Cox Fayetteville, Arkansas?

You can find TLC on channel number 48/2048 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

2. What Number Is the TLC Channel on Cox Phoenix, Arizona?

You can find TLC on channel number 42 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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