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What Is an Average Internet Bill?

what is the average internet bill

The awesome capabilities of the internet have redefined expectations. There was a time when the internet was a luxury. It went on to become a necessity and is now an important part of our lives. Internet of Things (IoT) devices has brought utilities such as Optimum pay bill solutions in the palm of our hands.  

The widespread availability of the internet had made it an affordable utility. Now, you can easily fit a high-speed internet connection into your monthly expenses. However, knowing just how much you should be spending on it can be tricky. Internet bills increase over time, making it difficult for customers to keep track of the surge.  

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the average internet bill in the U.S. Also, it contains important information on the cost of different types of internet connections. The information will come in handy if you decide to switch from DSL to cable or fiber.  

What Is the Average Cost of the Internet in the United States?

The U.S. is one of the biggest markets for internet service providers. It has millions of active internet users. Also, the country is a cash cow for some of the biggest names in the broadband internet industry. That said, the internet normally costs between $60* and $70* a month.  

It is worth mentioning that most internet companies have internet plans for as low as $19* per month. However, it should be noted that internet prices never remain the same. Just compare your bill for the first month to your thirteenth bill and you’ll notice some major differences in the numbers.  

Also, most providers offer discounts to new customers. Customers typically sign up for discounted prices but end up paying equipment rental, service charges, and taxes. This significantly adds to your monthly internet bill. You should also note that internet plans and prices differ by provider and location.  

How Much Do Different Types of Internet Connections Cost?

Internet prices differ by internet types as well. DSL, cable, fiber, and satellite are the four main types of internet connections. DSL provides wider coverage and is available across the U.S. On the contrary, cable and fiber internet is available in select areas. It should be noted that remote locations and rural areas have access to satellite internet.  

Now, onto the average price of these internet types. DSL, being the cheapest of the lot, usually costs between $30* and $50* per month. Cable internet prices cap at $64* per month while fiber internet is somewhere between $60* and $80*. Satellite internet is the most expensive internet type and can cost you up to $125* per month.  

Do Internet Providers Offer Online Payment Solutions?  

Yes. Most internet providers in the United States offer online payment solutions. Yes, you can also pay the AT&T bills online at your convenience. Providing web-based payment solutions is one of the foremost priorities for many internet companies. Online payment solutions offer multiple benefits. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your home or stand in long queues to pay your internet bills.  

What Other Charges Do Customers Pay on Their Internet Bills?

The price you sign up for is different from what you pay as a regular customer. Internet companies tempt customers with exciting discounts and promotional offers. Their purpose is to bring in as many new subscribers as possible. However, that doesn’t take away anything thing from the fact that your internet bill is bound to inflate. Here are some of the reasons:  

Rent for Modem/Router

Many internet companies rent out internet equipment such as modems or routers. The average equipment rental is normally $15* per month. Your equipment rental will depend on your internet plans. Some providers offer equipment free of cost. Others allow users to purchase their compatible equipment.  

Internet Installation Fee

Though this is a one-time payment, the installation fee significantly adds to the internet cost. Installation service charges usually range between $80* and $100*. You might not be asked to pay an installation fee if you are a new customer. Some providers offer self-installation solutions at discounted prices.  

FCC Charges

Internet companies are bound to pay a certain amount to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC utilizes the fee to fund internet access initiatives for remote locations. However, providers pass the FCC fee onto their consumers.  


Providers hit users with penalties in case of late payments. Suppose you forgot to utilize WOW bill pay to clear your dues. Your provider could charge with a fixed late payment fee or add a certain amount to your bill as a penalty.  

Service Termination Fee

Your provider may charge a high cancellation fee if you opt-out of the contract before the expiration date. Though cancellation fee varies by provider, they usually add hundreds of dollars to your monthly internet bill. So, carefully read the terms and conditions before you agree to them.  

How to Lower Monthly Internet Bill?  

The good news is that you can lower your monthly internet bill in different ways. One of the better ways is to identify your internet requirements. Know what type of internet connection you are wanting to have in your home. If you’re on a budget, look for affordable internet plans. Many providers offer student discounts and low-cost internet services.  

In case you want to use the internet just for browsing and streaming, a decent internet connection will do good. On the contrary, gaming, and vlogging make a strong case for getting a high-speed internet connection. Also, look for customer care services offered by different internet service providers. Payment solutions such as Spectrum bill pay services offer tremendous benefits.  

Another proven method is to purchase your internet equipment to lower your monthly bill. Look for multi-device compatible routers and modems. See if the provider offers internet plans at subsidized rates. Moreover, negotiate your bill with your service provider when and if needed. Be calm during your conversation with the customer care representative and you might convince them to lower your internet bill.

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