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What is Pro Gamers Profit in 2020 – How Much They Earn

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For a very long time these words- professional gamer and profit weren’t compatible. until recently, computer gaming was considered a hobby for most people, and to be honest, some people still think that way.,.  But today, the internet gives a huge chance to pro gamers to earn as much as possible by creating platforms for the people with the same interest  and professional gaming is becoming a reliable source of income

Each and every pro gamer is very much familiar with Twitch, an Amazon affiliate platform for gamers, where they can live stream while they play a game., Where broadcasters can share their screens with the viewers and make audio commentary. But how precisely can you make money on twitch?

Ads can be very profitable for gamers

The more people are watching you, the more money you make. When you live stream, paid advertisements will show up on viewers’ screens. The more views these ads have, the more advertisement revenue you can generate. In addition, if a viewer clicks on an ad, that will be a plus for you.

You can easily benefit from donations

Channel creators are allowed to receive donations from the audience. So once you build a strong community, you can add a donation button on your profile where viewers can help you earn some extra money.


If the audience wants to financially support you, they can also subscribe to your channel and make a monthly payment. When subscribing to a Twitch Channel the audience has the option of subscribing at these levels:

  • Tier 1 ($4.99/month)
  • Tier 2 ($9.99/month)
  • Tier 3 ($24.99/month)
    These tiered subscriptions unlock a variety of emotes, small animated messages or images, that are only available to subscribers.

Therefore, only from twitch, expert gamers can make between 3000$-5000$ a month, if you play for 40 hours a week. You need to take into consideration, that because you generate money, you are obliged to pay taxes. In order to do that, there are few steps you need to go through, which include:  payout registration, twitch affiliate agreement, tax interview, and payout method. It takes time to get through it, if you want to avoid all of these time-consuming steps, you can simply buy twitch tax information.

All of the above sounds good, but before earning money, you need to gain a constant audience, let’s see how this can be done.


The key to success is popularity.  The more people are attracted to you, the bigger your bank account is. In order to get a huge audience, you need to be sure what kind of broadcaster you want to be, therefore you will roughly know what type of audience you will have. To say it short, you need to find your niche. You can either be an expert player, or the funny one.

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Another key for gaining an audience is timing Most of the viewers will free up a certain time to watch live-stream. Therefore, creating a constant schedule will earn you a continual audience.


Twitch also gives channel creators the chance to interact with their audience by using a chatroom where viewers can text directly to you. It is a good idea to respond to the questions. This way you can bond with viewers and become more reachable to them.

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Use other social media platforms

Sharing your content on other platforms can help with the growth of your popularity.

Twitch isn’t the only chance for pro gamers to make money. There are computer gaming competitions called eSports, where any professional gamer, from any part of the world, can participate. How many gamers can make it dependent on their results? According to Careergamers:  “Based on the latest survey of Esportsearnings, pro gamers earn between $1,000 to $5,000 per month. The highest-paid professional gamers earn up to $15,000 apart from the money they get from their other activities like sponsors and prize money.”


To sum up, the pro gamer’s profits in 2020 can range anywhere between 5000$-20000$ a month, if using different platforms.

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