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Everything You Need to Know about Zoom

what is zoom

What better time than the quarantine days to explore the most efficient and reliable video conferencing software! The majority of people are working and studying from home. This means that a Zoom meeting is an integral part of almost everyone’s lives these days.

However, if you have not yet found your go-to video (or audio) call service; this blog will tell you all about the best one – Zoom.

What is Zoom?

It is a video communication platform that is very popular with remote workers and businesses. Recently, the software gained more popularity due to the lockdown. Researches suggest that the video conference service has the biggest day of download back on 14th March. Stats tell that over 343k people downloaded the app.

You need to note that the platform does not offer video call service alone but also audio calling. Some of the many features that the tool offers includes:

  • Team or 1-to-1 chats
  • Recording of meetings
  • Support for 1000+ video participants at one time
  • HD video calls
  • Screen sharing

However, the features that you get access to depend on the plan that you subscribe to as well.

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Subscription Plans Available

You can go with the free basic plan. Or choose from a list of advanced plans that you will have to pay for using. The available plans are:

  • Zoom Free
  • Zoom Pro
  • Zoom Business
  • Zoom Enterprise

Once you decide the plan that you wish to go with, download the app. Once done, you would need guidance on how to use a zoom. Here’s a step-by-step one for you:

How to Get Zoom?

The basic plan will not cost you anything. However, Wi-Fi and Internet service will. Because Zoom does not operate without them. Signing up for Zoom is simple. Sign in through your Google or Facebook account. And there you have a Zoom account.

In case you wish to sign in manually, here are the steps to follow:

  • Enter your email account details and wait to receive an email from the Zoom team.
  • Hit ‘Activate Account’ in the email.
  • Fill in the fields as required.
  • Invite friends and family members to your account. You can always choose to skip this step.
  • Hold a test meeting by clicking ‘Start Meeting Now’.
  • You will get redirected to a page. Select the ‘download and run’ option from here.
  • Follow the instructions from here.

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Is Zoom Safe for Kids?

A very common question that arises for any video conferencing tool is whether it is safe for kids or not. The same concern gets raised for Zoom as well. There are certain vulnerabilities in the app, no denying that. Although the one link entryway into the app promises security it also raises the threat of malicious users getting hold of the link. Thus, getting access to your webcam. Hence, raising a concern.

However, Zoom was quick to take action to address this concern. The company also agrees that there hasn’t been any such event as yet where a malicious user got access to a video conference. In case, you remain concerned, here are a couple of steps you could take to protect your kids:

  • Avoid sharing call invites
  • Try to set up unique meetings as much as possible
  • Opt for the advanced settings that require a password
  • Deactivate your screen sharing option

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Steps to Make a Zoom Meeting Private

For you to have more privacy over your Zoom meeting, you should make use of the following features:

  • Creation of a password for the meeting
  • Using the waiting room feature
  • Limiting the number of people who can share their screens
  • Locking the meeting

Tips for a Better Zoom-ing Experience

If you wish to make the most out of your Zoom meeting session, then you should do more than just creating the account. Some of the tips that will help you have a more than a basic video or audio chatting experience are:

  • Customizing your preferences
  • Recording important meetings
  • Syncing Zoom with Slack
  • Muting yourself when not talking
  • Pairing Zoom with the right video camera

Subscribing to a high speed Internet provider is also essential. Because all your customizations and efforts will go down the drain if the Internet connection is poor. You can consider Spectrum. Call the company’s number at 1-866-200-9222 to learn more.

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How much does Zoom cost?

The basic plan is free.

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