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What to Do If Your Modem is Not Working

What to Do If Your Modem is Not Working?

The internet controls everything! No, it’s not hyperbole, it really does. If you don’t believe it then try spending a few hours without being connected to the internet. It would feel like your life has frozen in time where every passing second will seem like an hour. So, why is that? Well, the answer is dependability. Today, everyone relies on the internet for their day-to-day activities no matter how simple or complex they may be. Plus, it connects people from across the world, and the lack of which can easily make one feel alone and distant.

This is why it is so frustrating when internet stuttering happens. It ruins the online experience. And when for some reason, the internet disconnects then this will simply disrupt the workflow of things. You would certainly experience a lot of unpleasant emotions but instead of venting out on your internet provider, it is best to diagnose the problem yourself. Sometimes, it’s the modem that stops working.

Understanding the Modem

The modem is a device that you use to connect your home network with the internet. To understand the modem, it is important to know the meaning of its lights.


The power light lets you know that the modem is plugged into a power source. It will display a steady light when working properly.


 The internet light tells you that the ethernet cable is connected between the modem and the router.


 Some modems will be equipped with the Wi-Fi symbol. You can press it to turn on/off the Wi-Fi signals. If the light is on then you can access the Wi-Fi.

Cat5 Receive & Send

 These lights will flash as the data is transmitted over the cat5 cable.


 Your online lights will flash after confirming the upstream and downstream frequencies. If they do, then you can access the internet. Please note that it depends on the modem you have for the lights to flicker or remain steady when working fine.


This light will flicker once your network sends and receives data.


This option is not available on every router. If you have this option and the light is solid on then your USB device is connected. However, if the light is flashing then it is trying to connect to the device.

If you notice that your Wi-Fi doesn’t work then it is best to detach your modem from any cables and power outlet. Wait for about 30 seconds before plugging everything again. This could potentially solve the problem.

Troubleshooting Modem to Make It Work After Power Outage

If your network stutters then consider troubleshooting your router to fix slow internet issues. But what to do when your modem stops working after a power outage? Although this issue occurs often, some don’t know what to do if the problem occurs. If you are one of them then there’s no need to worry! Here are three different steps that you can take to make your modem work again.

Method 1: A Simple Advice

The first thing to do is to know the power outage schedule of your area. Once you have gotten the details, you can then set a reminder. How will this be useful? Well, knowing about the schedule of a power outage can help you make the proactive move of taking care of the modem. This will help you to prevent the loss of important data information. It is a much better alternative than to experience unexpected power outages.

Method 2: Restart Your Modem

Another thing you can try doing as soon as the power of your area comes back is to switch off the modem. You can then unplug it from the power source. You now have to check the power cord connections to ensure that no switch or wire is fused. After that, replug the modem to see if it works. In case it doesn’t, you can reboot the device. This also helps with fixing the Spectrum internal server error.

Method 3: Contact the Customer Support Service

If you have reset the modem successfully but the device still doesn’t work then contact the customer support service of your internet provider. They can send a professional to check the issue and can get the problem resolved.


Considering how everyone likes to be connected to the internet at all times, it can seriously annoy anyone if the connection suddenly breaks or when the session is interrupted by a power outage. What’s even worse is to find your modem not working when the power returns. Hopefully, these three methods will help you get rid of the issue!

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