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Why is my Internet so Slow?

why is my internet so slow

Today’s technologically driven world is largely dependent on the internet for everything. Sectors related to business, healthcare, education, entertainment, and even sports significantly rely on the internet to carry out even their most basic functions. In a reality where almost every activity is contingent on this tool, it’s important to have a stable and reliable internet connection. If your connection is acting slow and sluggish, you’ll miss out on work, college, and even breaking news.

As a result, an efficient network is important today. However, a large number of people still experience several internet-related issues. While technology has greatly advanced, problems related to internet speed remain pervasive. If you’re not sure what’s causing your internet to slow down, read on to learn more.  

Inappropriate Router Placement 

Several internet users don’t realize the importance of router placement in defining the speed of their internet. Even if you’re using popular connections like Cox internet, wrong placement can still ruin your experience. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for a slow internet connection. Thus, if your router is placed in a location that’s away from the central area, you’re likely to experience slow internet. 

 As a result, it’s important to make sure that your router is placed close to the space where the internet is consumed most. This will ensure that signals are maximized and well within reach. Along with this, if you’re in an apartment or space with more than one floor, make sure your router is placed on the middle level. This will increase the chances of signals being distributed evenly. Moreover, it’s also important to rid your router of all obstacles. If there are any objects near it, remove them immediately. This reduces the efficiency of signal strength, leading to a slow connection.  

Excessive Tabs and Windows 

It’s important to close any tabs and windows you open in your browser after you’re done using them. If they remain open, they can seriously slow down the speed of your internet. When you have a large number of windows open, they use up significant amounts of data. There are often times when college students are researching specific topics and they have dozens of windows open as a result. It’s common to see them complain about slow internet speeds during this time. 

 However, there’s a good chance this is the result of their many tabs instead of their internet service provider. Therefore, close tabs when you’ve extracted all necessary information off of them. If you get too lazy or forget to do this, your browsing experience will likely suffer. It’s better to open a few windows at a time. This will keep the internet speed in check and you can work uninterrupted.  

Malware or Hackers 

In today’s fast-paced world, malware and hackers are at an all-time high too. It seems like they’re advancing with technology. When your device or router is being attacked by a hacker or virus, it significantly slows down the speed of your internet. While many providers such as Optimum internet provide users with basic security, many users remain unprotected.  

In fact, a lot of victims report that in some cases they’re unable to control their device’s basic functions. To avoid this, it’s important to download anti-virus software beforehand. Such software significantly reduces the risk of being attacked by hackers and viruses. It keeps a constant check on any suspicious activity and takes immediate action if it detects anything unusual. Here is today’s top-rated anti-virus software: 

  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Webroot
  • Norton
  • Trend Micro
  • McAfee
  • ESET

Downloading anti-virus programs is the most important step you can take towards establishing a basic form of security for your router and device. In addition to this, it also acts as a preventive measure against any potential threats that could harm internet speeds.  

Infrequent Router Resets 

A large number of people don’t realize that they need to frequently reset their routers in order to optimize their benefits and speed. This is one of the easiest ways you can get your router to regain its speed. While it may not always work, there’s a good chance some basic resetting will fix your connectivity issues. To reset, push the off button on your device. After this, wait for at least 30 seconds. Then switch it on again. This refreshes the signals and increases the chances of a stable connection. Along with this, it’s also important to keep your router refreshed and updated. This keeps it up to date with the latest technology and also reduces the chances of malware attacks. When you have an updated router, its advanced technology will ensure faster speeds and greater efficiency.  

For instance, in the case of fiber optic internet, routers are usually updated which ensures an efficient connection.  

Old, outdated devices typically wear out easily and cause problems like slow internet speeds, increases cyber-attacks, and irregularities. 

Unnoticed Data Caps 

In several cases, data caps go unnoticed by internet users. This is because they’re not mentioned by their internet service providers. Thus, it’s important for you to check your bill carefully before you make the payment. If it’s inconvenient to do this regularly in person, check your bill online through services such as Optimum bill pay. Many internet users don’t realize what they’re paying for. As a result, they miss out on important details like data caps. These are limits on the amount of data you can consume in a month. Typically set by your provider, they can cause slow internet when you’ve exceeded the limit. To get a higher range, it’s important to talk to your provider. Make sure you’re able to negotiate lower data caps and restrictions if you want extensive, high-speed usage. While this may require additional costs, you can always opt for deals like bundles to save on costs.

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