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Why Is Your Ethernet Slower Than Wi-Fi?

ethernet slow than wi-fi

There’s no denying that Wi-Fi is a milestone in the progress of the internet. It offers smooth connectivity across the house for multiple devices. But sometimes you need an unshared and stronger connection for your online activities. And you turn to your Ethernet connection, only to discover that it is slower than your Wi-Fi! You connect Ethernet, expecting the wired connection to be more stable. On the contrary, it seems to lag even more.

Don’t worry! There could be several reasons behind experiencing this problem but you can troubleshoot and fix all of them.

Reasons behind a Slow Ethernet Connection

Wi-Fi and Ethernet both have their pros and cons. Both have certain limitations, which can result in the data’s down-processing and a slower connection. When we look into these causes for an Ethernet connection, multiple factors, such as the infrastructure of cables, distance, and so on.

As a general rule of thumb, your wired connection should be faster than your Wi-Fi network. If it is not, something is wrong with it. So, let’s figure out the reasons one by one.

Bad Choice of Cabling

Wi-Fi not working? Or, a slow Wi-Fi bogging down your online experiences? If you haven’t invested in good quality cabling, turning to an Ethernet connection will not change a thing. You will end up confronting the same slow internet issues.

Moreover, the following cable-related concerns can cause a slow connection:

  • Improperly or bad crimped cable.
  • Wrong or incompatible type of cable connected to the PC/device.
  • Loose ends.

Make sure you have invested in Cat5e cabling, the standard cable to ensure a strong Ethernet connection.

Optimal Cable Length

The length of the cable is also significant. Ideally, you need a standard Cat5 of approximately 100 meters or 328 feet. If you are going for other cable types like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and so on, consider following the same length mentioned.

If the length of our cable is more than what’s mentioned, consider going for a shorter one.

Interference Issues

One of the most common problems of a slow Ethernet connection is the interference from physical factors. Several external sources such as speakers, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lights can be the causes of interference. Older oven types in particular can be great sources of interference.

Therefore, to avoid these interferences, you need to move your Ethernet cable at least 10 feet away from such sources.

Your Computer May Have a Virus

You need to verify if your computer is infected. Viruses, malware, and spyware are known causes of slowing down internet speeds. Spyware can be particularly harmful because it collects info about various activities on your computer and without your knowledge, hacks all the info.

Make sure you have installed an effective Antivirus software on your system. Also, don’t forget to run regular manual scans in addition to the automatic ones.

Plug into the Right Ports

Check that all your devices have smooth power connectivity. Your DSL speed or cable internet speed will only be optimal if cables are plugged into the right ports.

ISP Issues

If you have figured out all of the aforementioned problems, then it’s time to look into the ISP concerns. If there’s an issue with ISP’s infrastructure, you can’t do much about ensuring good speeds.

Moreover, ISP problems can be related to over the ground or underground cable systems. The reasons could be using outdated cables or cables with poor physical conditions.

Troubleshooting a Slow Ethernet Connection

Now that we have figured out all the possible reasons for lagging or cracked Ethernet connection, it’s time to look into the probable solutions. Let’s rescue you out of this frustration.

Check Your Network/Ethernet Card

Sometimes, your Ethernet/Network card is the culprit. One popular hack to get better speeds is disabling and re-enabling your Ethernet card. If this hack works, you will suddenly get a much better speed.

In addition, if there’s a hardware problem, we would suggest replacing the network card.

Consider Switching to a Different Port

Another simple hack is to make a slow connection faster is switching to a different port. The modem or router port that your cable is plugged into can make a difference. It’s best to try these simple hacks before you turn toward expensive and time-consuming solutions.

Switching the port of your Ethernet connection can improve speeds noticeably. And it will only take a second or two to do this.

Try another Cable

As mentioned already, use the right cable for your Ethernet connection. If you have already checked the length, check if the cable is broken or defected. Consider replacing the cable if it is too old or cheap. If it can get you a quality and smooth connection, it’s worth investing in.

Update the Drivers

The drivers of the adapter of your network card can be the cause of a slow Ethernet connection. make sure you update all of them to ensure optimal internet speeds. If updating them doesn’t give you a smooth connection, consider removing and replacing them. The device that you are using has to do with how you do this entire process.

Generally, you will need to go to the manufacturer’s site of your network adapter. There you will find the driver/drivers that you need. Moreover, updating drivers doesn’t take long. Therefore, you will be able to quickly figure out if that’s the cause of your slow connection.

Check Settings

Whether it is an Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi network with WPS, network settings are important for a smooth bandwidth. Make sure that everything is correctly set up in your network settings. Research online to know the right network settings. This way you will be able to recognize the issue at hand instantly.

Moreover, viruses can change the settings and you need to set them back to their right values.

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