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Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work On Some Devices: 4 Fixes

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Connecting the Wi-Fi to multiple devices at once is a need these days. Whether it is an office or your home, the need remains the same. However, oftentimes problems arise when all devices can’t connect to the Wi-Fi system at home. And you have to find a solution yourself as opposed to at the office where the tech team takes care of such issues. But don’t fret, you will learn about the fixes here. Sometimes you will need to improve Wi-Fi signals and at others, the device would need a fix. So, you should know what is responsible for causing this mayhem first.

Here is your detailed guide.

Who is Responsible?

Many people think that the home Wi-Fi or any Internet not connecting to any of the devices means a faulty connection. However, this is not true. Well, there is a way to go about it. If your Wi-Fi connection is not connecting to any device then you can blame the connection. However, if it is connecting to all other devices but your device is an exception, then clearly you need to fix your device.

This means that both the connection and the device can be faulty. But the scenario will decide which one of the two needs fixation – the Wi-Fi or the device in question. This could be any device – mobile, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Please note that many people confuse Li-Fi with Wi-Fi. The two are different. And the issues addressed in this blogpost are regarding Wi-Fi.

How to Fix a Fault in the Device

Restart It

Perhaps the most common suggestion that you would receive is that you should restart the device. Although this sounds funny, in most cases it works. Especially if you are in a Wi-Fi protected setup, the chances of your connection posing issues are very low.

Some people question that what is it that restarting does to a device that it connects to the Wi-Fi after the action is performed. The answer is that restarting removes any network bugs present in a device. Thus, allowing the device to connect to any kind of Internet connection again after getting rid of the bugs.

Identifying the Problem

If restarting does not work, it means that there are more issues than mere bugs in your device. Therefore, you should try to identify the exact problem. There is a way to go about identifying problems as well. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • Right-click where the network icon is
  • Once done, hit ‘Troubleshoot Problems’
  • Leave it to Windows

It is as simple as that. Once you choose the troubleshooting option, Windows will look for the problem and fix it for you. However, in the worse scenario, Windows won’t be able to fix the issue. This does not mean that your issue will go undetected but it simply implies that Windows will let you know about the issue but won’t have a solution/fix for it.

But you should not worry as your Windows helped you with finding the problem. You can research the issue online and see how you can go about fixing it.

Checking Network Adaptor

You will have to make an effort for this by checking your network adaptor. Because many times people face issues because the network adaptors are not available. If this is the case in your scenario as well, then you should enable your network adaptor as soon as possible. After that, you will also have to check your Internet connection as it should be enabled too. Do not think that this is the same as the Wi-Fi router because it is not.

Fixing Potential Issues

Apart from the above-mentioned fixes, you will also have to fix any other software or hardware problems that there might be. At times, the only problem that you might be having is regarding the software or hardware and nothing else. For this, you will have to do some examination of the hardware parts as well. If you think that you cannot do so, take it to a technician. Other than that, try updating all the software and apps in your device. At times outdated software cause many problems as well.

If you have Wi-Fi 6E or the up, the chances that the connection will pose any issues are low. However, if you do not place the device emitting the signals according to what is recommended, then there can be issues. Other than that, it is mostly the device that needs examination. But if you do it the right way, the fixing won’t take long.

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